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Quote: Originally Posted by Awsan View Post
Yes I know there were some laptops that ran 5Ghz on the older 9980hk but it was a freaking portable oven.
Yes unlocked bioses are great but power delivery isnt, I tried some of the tricks on my older 9750h "Imon slop" negative wattage + some ram OC and got a much better low 1% performance compared to it running stock but holly sh i t did that raise the temp insanely (75 before the trick and nearly thermal throttling "90-95" after)

Will some laptops to be able to run on 5ghz + 24/7? Yes will it be under Intel's specs? No.
Some people will work hard to figure how to tame the beast and we will get some insane laptops running a 5ghz cpu with a 2080 super that will make it a step away from an equivalent spec'd desktop.
Another issue is the "IPC" problem.

It was tested repeatedly versus "Desktop chip" (LGA) laptop systems that BGAbooks run at the same clock (even at the exact same RAM timings) as LGAbooks in the same family (Example: 7820HK-->7700K, 8950HK-->8700K) would get about 100 mhz worth of lower scores in Cinebench when compared at the exact same clocks, no matter what you tried to change in the BIOS.

This performance gap didn't show up at all in AIDA64 L2 and L3 cache tests...the cache speed bandwidth was not an issue. And it had nothing to do with spectre/meltdown (OS versions tested didn't even support mitigations).

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Well, I want you to know I have an academic degree in speculation.
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