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Quote: Originally Posted by nick name View Post
I have a G.Skill 3600CL15 kit which I believe is a hair better than the 3200CL14 kit, but I wanna say folks pretty much achieve the same clocks with them.

I finally got an overnight stable result last night with these timings. The one thing I changed last night that I hadn't before was tWTRS from 3 to 4.

The voltages aren't quite tuned.

DRAM at 1.5V
SOC 1.106V (LLC at 4)
VDDG 1.05V

I also have Karhu set to test CPU cache under the Advanced tab.

Hi nick name,

would you please post/send me your complete Asus CH7 Settings? I have the Gskill 3600CL15 Kit to (4x8GB) too. I'm intreste in Settings: Data Bus Configuration User Controls etc. (Rtt...) I think all your settings would helf me

My machine runs 3800/1900MHz, but with coldstart problems and it is sometime instable.

Thank you

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