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Quote: Originally Posted by crakej View Post
I've not installed it as not using BCLK currently, but I did notice it wasn't working how it had worked last time I tried.

My chip won't do 1900FCLK sadly but my performance seems pretty good with 3700 1850FCLK - It has booted at 1900 before, so could do more experimenting but think it's prob a no-go for me

I've recently got an HTC Vive Cosmos to ease the shut-down boredom - which is running really well on my machine... Also been doing lots of video editing in Davinci Resolve 16 which works like a dream!
Aww, that's a bummer on the 1900 FCLK. Mine won't POST at anything higher than 1900 FCLK unless it's just a slight BCLK overclock. And Shamino didn't come back to answer if there is anything else new in the BIOS and I didn't notice anything other than its peculiar behavior that I mentioned before.

Oooh a Vive. I don't have binocular vision so I don't think I'd ever buy one, but I do wish I knew someone that had one so I could see if the experience is diminished for someone that only uses one eye.

I've been looking for an excuse to play with Davinci. What videos do you edit? Work or pleasure?

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