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Quote: Originally Posted by nlse View Post
tried a WMO and to its form, its at least more comfortable and with less strain when using it
than most styled focused mice, that many mice are now a days
Because Windows paid big money to produce a real comfortable mouse all those years ago.

The human hand hasn't transmorphed into something with 6 fingers or become deformed during 2020. In fact it has stayed the same since the WMO release.

Hence all other companies are doing is releasing fake products pretending to be called Ergo, Hand Friendly, Comfortable, etc., just meaningless words to hide the horrid releases of junk.

Since Propaganda is used everywhere now to help promote ideologies and failed products, we will continue to ignore what previous companies have found to work successfully when it comes to using them over a long time period.

Trust me, if Microsoft picked up the WMO shape yet again and put in a 3360, 3389 or a Hero sensor inside it, watch it sell yet again to all those that realized the best shape has already been released and time to reuse it again with this new sensor installed.
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