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I have Doom 1+2, Eternal and D64 for XB and Doom 2016 on XBGP,(Didnt beat 1+2 on XB) I have Doom BFG Edition, 2016, Eternal and 64 for PC( I've beaten all of them on PC except 64, And the addon missions for 1+2) and for PS I borrowed my brothers 2016 copy a while back and am now borrowing his Eternal copy.( beat 2016 forever ago will beat Eternal as well) So my third playthrough of Doom Eternal and after spending a few days playing and beating Doom 64( Didn't beat special missions because I didn't care for this one) on XB and now going back to Eternal on PS...I'm so over it.........

Sorry for bad grammer and or punctuation

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