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Dual rad setups should be two exhausts, one at the rear and one at the top. If yours doesn't fit at the top, you have two options:
1) Reverse the airflow - put one rad at top as exhaust, one rad at front as exhaust, and one fan at rear as intake. It's "fundamentally" correct and the case itself won't build up hot air, but temps of the exact components may not be optimal.
2) Keep airflow standard, but put one radiator as intake. It means one component will be cool at the expanse of another component which will be heated.
It won't matter much, just pick what you prefer.

As for debating which radiator goes to which component, it won't matter much. This 1080 is about 250W TDP when overclocked, right? So the Kuhler will probably hold the temps at max 55c (with 24c ambient), and the X53 will probably be at around 40c. You won't need high speed fans for this performance, max 1500RPM should be good.

One final word about this card, it has a frontplate. This frontplate WILL interfere with how the water block sits on the GPU. Jayz2Cents mentions it in some video.
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