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Quote: Originally Posted by masscrazy View Post
Well I'd like to get as much performance out my 1080 as possible, I dont plan to change it anytime soon. I could re-use the x53 (x72 see below) or sell it on. Same with G12.

I saw the jays2cents video, however the MSI Armour/Gamingx plates dont seem to intefere with install - see here ->https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VjCeCebWexU&t=338s

So heres whats happened. Today I noticed that the X72 and G12 were on offer!!
I will go for these, just because its cheaper to go for x72+G12, instead of x53.

I will therefore place the 360 x72, in front as intake. Keep Kuhler at rear as exhaust. Two fans on room for exhaust and two fans below as intake.

Thats 5 fans intake (front 3 and bottom 2) and 3 fans exhaust (rear 1 and top 2).

Does that sound reasonable?

fyi - gpu will be vertically mounted with riser cable.
That's a nice acquisition.
Regarding how much performance you could get - You will see some improvement in benchmarks, but don't expect your 1080 to turn into a 1080ti. Now that I think of it... wouldn't it just be cheaper to sell your 1080 and get a 1080ti? Unless of course, you just want to mess with the card, crack it open, play with clocks etc... Which is exactly what I've done with my card.
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