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Quote: Originally Posted by Nighthog View Post
B550 boards are getting launched with specs:

Here is a VRM spreadsheet from GBT_Brian active on reddit for this launch.

We can note that the B550 AORUS Master gets the same VRM as X570 AORUS Xtreme.
The other boards get some Vishay Dr.MOS 55A powerstages untill the lowest tiers get the old OnSemi 4C10N/4C06N gigabyte been using for ages.

We have a new controller Intersil ISL229004 on the boards. A 8-phase controller.
Supposedly B550 Master have a new ram shielding built into the PCB that allows it oc ram to 5000. lol
It also comes with 32mb dual bios.

The pcie slots can support pcie4, I wonder if 4000 ryzen has more pcie4 lanes coming off the cpu, that you can do 16x4x4x, that will bypass b550 chip.

Conclusion, you only lose out on Intel lan and sabre headphone dac with B550 master.

I wonder if Gigabyte is feeling trolllol enough to sell B550 Master cheaper than X570 Master
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