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Quote: Originally Posted by asdkj1740 View Post
oic i didnt go throught the whole livestream.

the info of the mps stuffs on itx edge cant be found online. thats the part i am confused. and it is not listed as MPXXXX model in the source, i just tried to find the most likely ones, although it is explicilty stated to be MPS stuffs.
we shall wait and see the actual unbox/reviews later to verify them in case there are some typo.
The Livestream was a mess to go through, only at the 2hour mark was more comprehensive information presented I wanted from it where they mentioned actual specs to a degree.

About RAA229004. It this a Intersil part? Gigabyte uses ISL229004 and they are 5+3 controllers (8-phases total) going through their data.


Gigabyte X570 AORUS XTREME, Ryzen 7 3800X PBO boost, 2x8GB 4866/1900 680 1T 1.650V [Micron Rev.J]
4x8GB 3800/1900 600 1T 1.700V Kingston HX434C19FB2K2/16 3466C19 1.2V (Micron Rev.E 19nm [D9VPP]),
2x8GB Kingston HX436C17FB3K2/16 3600C17 1.35V (Micron Rev.J 17nm),
2x8GB 3866/1933 448 1T 1.590V Kingston HX436C17FB3K2/16 3600C17 1.35V (Hynix DJR 17nm)

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