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btw the mortar and tomhawk got upgraded from discret mofets to drmos/sps.
however the BAZOOKA stays unchanged, i was hoping it at least to be upgraded to 5*(2H+2L) just like gaming plus without doublers and ir controller.
the b450m bazooka plus is great.

Quote: Originally Posted by Nighthog View Post
The Livestream was a mess to go through, only at the 2hour mark was more comprehensive information presented I wanted from it where they mentioned actual specs to a degree.

About RAA229004. It this a Intersil part? Gigabyte uses ISL229004 and they are 5+3 controllers (8-phases total) going through their data.

they even didnt post the price chart just like what they shown at z490 livestream, i was waiting that for a hour and i gave up lol.


RENESAS bought intersil.
"RAA" should be renesas stuffs, intersil with "isl".

some controllers (X+Y) can be rearragned between vcore and vccgt/soc, some cant or it needs to be custom made for mobo manufactures.
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