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I made 3 rigs before for my work and my boss liked those so we have a new guy coming in to the office and he asked me to build another...

So I'm here in the office, I finish connecting everything up, and I turn the power supply on- now there is a green light on the motherboard so that's good. Then I hit the power button on the case- at this point, the computer should boot up, but nothing happened. No fans started spinning, nothing. The only thing that appeared was the red hard drive activity indicator (not sure why though since the hard drives weren't actually spinning).

So I turned the machine off real quick, tightened some connections, then turned it back on. I left it going for a few seconds when suddenly I saw SMOKE coming out of it. I think it was from the video card (8800GTS) since that's where the smoke seemed to be rising from, and also when I touched the card afterward, it was hot.

This is really freaking me out- if this were a computer I was tinkering with at home then it'd be okay if I fried it but my boss is gonna be pissed.

I don't suppose it's possible for smoke to come out of a part, and that part still be useable? Maybe if it was for just a few seconds then it's okay.

Does anyone know what would be a good way to proceed and what kind of thing might cause this problem?

EDIT: Btw, here are the specs of the machine that I'm trying to build. (different from the one in my sig):
CPU: Q6600
Hard drives: 4x Seagate 7200.10 250GB, planning to put in raid 10
CPU cooler: Tuniq tower 120
Mobo: ASUS P5B-Plus
Sound card: Audigy
Memory: 2GB (1x2) Crucial ballistix ddr2 800
PSU: Corsair HX620
Graphics card: geforce 8800 gts 640mb
case: nzxt zero


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