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Originally Posted by EvilJoe View Post
Rats... How does that RMA work- do I have to prove somehow that the PSU and/or video card was faulty or can I just claim that it was a bad component and get the refund?

I mean, for all I know maybe I did a bad job of putting on the thermal paste on the mobo which caused a short or some stupid thing like that.

Edit: I put the build in the original post now... basically a lot like the rig in my sig, except with 8800gts, quad core instead of dual core, and better powersupply. (in theory )
Since when do you put thermal paste on the motherboard? Do you mean processor? Even with no thermal paste it shouldn't fry instantly.. it'd just run hot.

RMA is not a refund (usually), they are just gonna replace it with a new part.. and no you don't really need to prove anything at all. I've RMAed parts that were working fine and still got a replacement. haha.

I just hope that your PSU didn't fry other parts in the computer.. but it really seems like the PSU overvolted the 12v rail and fried your video card. So I would RMA both those parts personally..

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