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I'm gonna say that smoke coming out of any part is pretty much going to mean its dead or unsafe to plug back in. I had a Sony DVD burner go up in smoke a few weeks ago. I thought it was the Mobo or something critical at first but upon investigation is was the burner. I opened it up because it was 30$ originally from the Egg and didn't want to mess with RMA. There was like a little circuit board on it that has indeed fried. Looked like just a little spot that burnt but it put out quite a bit of nasty smelly smoke, made my whole room stink for two or three days. Under no circumstance would I have plugged it in again tho and risk all the other components. Disassemble the machine and look closely at all your components, if that video card smoked there will be evidence of it. Also if it wasn't the Video card use your nose. That was the only way I could tell that my Sony/Optairc drive was the culprit. Absolutely no evidence on the external enclosure of the drive but the smell on it was unmistakable. Good Luck, and if the parts are under warranty your boss shouldnt be mad, just explain to him that you have to RMA it with the company. Stuff like this happens.


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