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AVX Problem (Bug?) on X299

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AVX Problem (Bug?) on X299

Hey Guys,

I hope this is the right area for my problem.
I recently bought a new ASUS Rampage VI Extreme Encore with an i7 7820X
I managed to overclock this booi to around 5,2GHz, which is quite nice.

But unfortunately my CPU clock speed is rising up and down with no structure.
This bothers me hard. But i managed to find out, that the problem is AVX.
Everytime, when I open an AVX application my clockspeeds start to freak out.
It drops down to 3,3GHz and half a second later back to 5,2 or only 4,7 and so on.
The system becomes very unstable, and also unuseable.

I really dont have a clue why this is happening. I tried all Bios Versions which are available at ASUS
I also deactiavted everything with temperature and power.
Tried it with LN2 mode.
Nothing is changing this behavior.
The AVX Target speed is equal to the normal clock speed in Bios (Offset = 0).
Even if I try to put in 3 as offset, it doesnt respond to it. It just peak and freaks CPU clocks again down to 3,3GHz.

I tested it with Prime. If i activate AVX in Prime the clocks drop. Without AVX in Prime it is holding its clocks without any Problem (like any other benchmark too).

I really dont know what to do. And I hope one of You guys knows what to do. I would be very thankfull about it.

Best regards
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i found out that the bios can be saved as an .txt.

[2020/05/17 13:30:29]
Ai Overclock Tuner (Ai-Übertaktungstuner) [Manual]
CPU Strap [100]
BCLK Frequency (BCLK-Frequenz) [101.5000]
ASUS Multicore Enhancement (ASUS Multicore-Erweiterung) [Disabled]
AVX Instruction Core Ratio Negative Offset [0]
AVX-512 Instruction Core Ratio Negative Offset [0]
CPU Core Ratio [Sync All Cores]
ALL-Core Ratio Limit [48]
Min. CPU Cache Ratio [34]
Max. CPU Cache Ratio [34]
CPU-Bus-Geschwindigkeit: DRAM-Geschwindigkeits-Ratio-Modus [Auto]
Speicherfrequenz [DDR4-3654MHz]
Xtreme Tweaking [Enabled]
CPU SVID Support (CPU-SVID-Unterstützung) [Enabled]
DRAM CAS# Latency [13]
DRAM RAS# to CAS# Delay [16]
DRAM RAS# PRE Time [11]
DRAM RAS# ACT Time [28]
DRAM Command Rate [Timing 1T]
DRAM RAS# to RAS# Delay [Auto]
DRAM RAS# to RAS# Delay L [Auto]
DRAM REF Cycle Time [Auto]
DRAM Refresh Interval [Auto]
DRAM WRITE Recovery Time [Auto]
DRAM READ to PRE Time [Auto]
DRAM WRITE to READ Delay [Auto]
DRAM WRITE to READ Delay L [Auto]
DRAM CKE Minimum Pulse Width [Auto]
DRAM Write Latency [Auto]
Data Rising Slope (CHAB) [Auto]
Data Rising Slope (CHCD) [Auto]
Data Rising Slope Offset (CHAB) [Auto]
Data Rising Slope Offset (CHCD) [Auto]
Cmd Rising Slope (CHAB) [Auto]
Cmd Rising Slope (CHCD) [Auto]
Cmd Rising Slope Offset (CHAB) [Auto]
Cmd Rising Slope Offset (CHCD) [Auto]
Ctl Rising Slope (CHAB) [Auto]
Ctl Rising Slope (CHCD) [Auto]
Ctl Rising Slope Offset (CHAB) [Auto]
Ctl Rising Slope Offset (CHCD) [Auto]
Data Falling Slope (CHAB) [Auto]
Data Falling Slope (CHCD) [Auto]
Data Falling Slope Offset (CHAB) [Auto]
Data Falling Slope Offset (CHCD) [Auto]
Cmd Falling Slope Falling Slope (CHAB) [Auto]
Cmd Falling Slope Falling Slope (CHCD) [Auto]
Cmd Falling Slope Offset (CHAB) [Auto]
Cmd Falling Slope Offset (CHCD) [Auto]
Ctl Falling Slope (CHAB) [Auto]
Ctl Falling Slope (CHCD) [Auto]
Ctl Falling Slope Offset (CHAB) [Auto]
Ctl Falling Slope Offset (CHCD) [Auto]
IMC Interleaving [Auto]
Channel Interleaving [Auto]
Rank Interleaving [Auto]
MC Vref(CHA) [Auto]
MC Vref(CHB) [Auto]
MC Vref(CHC) [Auto]
MC Vref(CHD) [Auto]
DRAM Vref(CHA) [Auto]
DRAM Vref(CHA) [Auto]
DRAM Vref(CHC) [Auto]
DRAM Vref(CHC) [Auto]
CTL Vref (CHA) [Auto]
CTL Verf (CHB) [Auto]
CTL Vref (CHC) [Auto]
CTL Verf (CHD) [Auto]
Receiver DQ Pre-emphasis [Auto]
Receiver DQ De-emphasis [Auto]
Transmitter DQ Pre-emphasis [Auto]
Transmitter DQ De-emphasis [Auto]
Receiver DQS Pre-emphasis [Auto]
Receiver DQS De-emphasis [Auto]
Transmitter DQS Pre-emphasis [Auto]
Transmitter DQS De-emphasis [Auto]
Receiver CMD Pre-emphasis [Auto]
Receiver CMD De-emphasis [Auto]
Transmitter CMD Pre-emphasis [Auto]
Transmitter CMD De-emphasis [Auto]
DRAM RTL INIT value [Auto]
DRAM RTL (CHA D0 R0) [Auto]
DRAM RTL (CHA D0 R1) [Auto]
DRAM RTL (CHA D1 R0) [Auto]
DRAM RTL (CHA D1 R1) [Auto]
DRAM RTL (CHB D0 R0) [Auto]
DRAM RTL (CHB D0 R1) [Auto]
DRAM RTL (CHB D1 R0) [Auto]
DRAM RTL (CHB D1 R1) [Auto]
DRAM RTL (CHC D0 R0) [Auto]
DRAM RTL (CHC D0 R1) [Auto]
DRAM RTL (CHC D1 R0) [Auto]
DRAM RTL (CHC D1 R1) [Auto]
DRAM RTL (CHD D0 R0) [Auto]
DRAM RTL (CHD D0 R1) [Auto]
DRAM RTL (CHD D1 R0) [Auto]
DRAM RTL (CHD D1 R1) [Auto]
DRAM IOL (CHA D0 R0) [Auto]
DRAM IOL (CHA D0 R1) [Auto]
DRAM IOL (CHA D1 R0) [Auto]
DRAM IOL (CHA D1 R1) [Auto]
DRAM IOL (CHB D0 R0) [Auto]
DRAM IOL (CHB D0 R1) [Auto]
DRAM IOL (CHB D1 R0) [Auto]
DRAM IOL (CHB D1 R1) [Auto]
DRAM IOL (CHC D0 R0) [Auto]
DRAM IOL (CHC D0 R1) [Auto]
DRAM IOL (CHC D1 R0) [Auto]
DRAM IOL (CHC D1 R1) [Auto]
DRAM IOL (CHD D0 R0) [Auto]
DRAM IOL (CHD D0 R1) [Auto]
DRAM IOL (CHD D1 R0) [Auto]
DRAM IOL (CHD D1 R1) [Auto]
DRAM IO Comp (CHA) [Auto]
DRAM IO Comp (CHB) [Auto]
DRAM IO Comp (CHC) [Auto]
DRAM IO Comp (CHD) [Auto]
tRRDR [Auto]
tRRDD [Auto]
tRWDR [Auto]
tRWDD [Auto]
tWRDR [Auto]
tWRDD [Auto]
tWWDR [Auto]
tWWDD [Auto]
tRWSR [Auto]
tCCD [Auto]
tCCD_L [Auto]
tCCDWR [Auto]
tCCDWR_L [Auto]
tRRDS [Auto]
tRWDS [Auto]
tWRDS [Auto]
tWWDS [Auto]
DRAM CLK Period [Auto]
Attempt Fast Boot [Auto]
Attempt Fast Cold Boot [Auto]
DRAM Training [Auto]
WR CRC feature Control [Auto]
Duty Cycle Training [Auto]
Read Vref Centering [Auto]
Eye Diagrams [Auto]
Turnaround Time Optimization [Auto]
PDA [Auto]
Write Vref Centering [Auto]
Enhanced Training(CHA) [Auto]
Enhanced Training(CHB) [Auto]
Enhanced Training(CHC) [Auto]
Enhanced Training(CHD) [Auto]
CPU Load-Line Calibration (CPU-Belastungslinie-Kalibrierung) [Level 6]
CPU Current Capability (CPU-Stromfähigkeit) [240%]
CPU VRM Switching Frequency (CPU-VRM-Schaltfrequenz) [Manual]
Fixed CPU VRM Switching Frequency(KHz) [900]
CPU Power Duty Control (CPU-Leistungszyklusregelung) [Extreme]
CPU Power Phase Control (CPU-Leistungsphasensteuerung) [Extreme]
CPU Power Thermal Control (Thermische CPU-Leistungssteuerung) [146]
DRAM Current Capability (DRAM-Stromfähigkeit) [140%]
DRAM Power Phase Control (DRAM-Leistungsphasensteuerung) [Extreme]
DRAM Switching Frequency (DRAM-Schaltfrequenz) [Manual]
Fixed DRAM Switching Frequency(KHz) [800]
CPU Input Boot Voltage [Auto]
CPU System Agent Boot Voltage [Auto]
CPU VCCIO Boot Voltage [Auto]
Enhanced Intel SpeedStep Technology [Disabled]
Turbo Mode [Enabled]
Long Duration Package Power Limit (Langzeit-Paket-Leistungslimit) [4095]
Package Power Time Window (Paket-Leistungszeitfenster) [127]
Short Duration Package Power Limit (Kurzzeit-Paket-Leistungslimit) [4095]
CPU Integrated VR Current Limit [1023.875]
CPU Integrated VR Fault Management [Disabled]
CPU Integrated VR Efficiency Management [High Performance]
VIN Tracker [Auto]
Self-tracked Clocking [Auto]
PCIe Gen3 PLL Clock Control [Aktiviert]
PLL Post Divider Adjust [Auto]
Change PLLTRIM Prefix [+]
Change PllTrim Value [Auto]
Change MC-PLLTRIM Prefix [+]
Change MC-PllTrim Value [Auto]
Turbo Residence Tweak 0 [11]
Turbo Residence Tweak 1 [9]
Turbo Residence Tweak 2 [7]
Turbo Residence Tweak 3 [2]
Initial BCLK Frequency [Auto]
BCLK Amplitude (BCLK-Amplitude) [900mV]
CPU BCLK Spread Spectrum [Enabled]
CPU BCLK Frequency Slew Rate [Auto]
CPU BCLK Slew Rate [3.5V/ns]
PCIE/DMI Slew Rate [3.5V/ns]
CPU AUX1 Voltage [Auto]
CPU AUX2 Voltage [Auto]
CPU Input Reset Voltage [Auto]
VTTDDR Voltage(CHA, CHB) [Auto]
VTTDDR Voltage(CHC, CHD) [Auto]
VPPDDR Voltage (CHA, CHB) [Auto]
VPPDDR Voltage (CHC, CHD) [Auto]
DRAM Eventual Voltage(CHA, CHB) [Auto]
DRAM Eventual Voltage(CHC, CHD) [Auto]
Package Temperature Threshold [115]
Regulate Frequency by above Threshold [Auto]
Cooler Efficiency Customize [Keep Training]
Cooler Re-evaluation Algorithm [Normal]
Optimism Scale [100]
CPU Core Voltage [Manual Mode]
CPU Core Voltage Override [1.345]
CPU Cache Voltage [Manual Mode]
CPU Cache Voltage Override [1.150]
Uncore Voltage Offset [0.001]
Uncore Voltage Offset Prefix [+]
CPU Input Voltage [2.150]
DRAM-Spannung(CHA, CHB) [1.7000]
DRAM-Spannung(CHC, CHD) [1.7000]
CPU VCCIO Voltage [1.10000]
CPU System Agent Voltage [0.90000]
PCH-Kernspannung [1.00000]
PLL Reference Offset Mode Sign [+]
PLL Reference Offset Value [0]
Hyper-Threading [ALL] [Enabled]
Max CPUID Value Limit [Disabled]
Execute Disable Bit [Enabled]
Hardware Prefetcher [Enabled]
Adjacent Cache Prefetch [Enabled]
VMX [Enabled]
Boot performance mode [Max Performance]
Maximum CPU Core Temperature [110]
Active Physical Processor Core 0 [Aktiviert]
Active Physical Processor Core 1 [Aktiviert]
Active Physical Processor Core 2 [Aktiviert]
Active Physical Processor Core 3 [Aktiviert]
Active Physical Processor Core 4 [Aktiviert]
Active Physical Processor Core 5 [Aktiviert]
Active Physical Processor Core 6 [Aktiviert]
Active Physical Processor Core 7 [Aktiviert]
Enhanced Intel SpeedStep Technology [Disabled]
Turbo Mode [Enabled]
Autonomous Core C-State [Disabled]
Intel(R) Speed Shift Technology [Disabled]
MFC Mode Override [OS Native Support]
MSR Lock Control [Enabled]
PCI Express Native Power Management [Disabled]
PCH DMI ASPM [Deaktiviert]
ASPM [Deaktiviert]
DMI Link ASPM Control [Deaktiviert]
PEG - ASPM [Deaktiviert]
Intel® VT for Directed I/O (VT-d) [Disabled]
MCTP [Disabled]
ACS Control [Disabled]
Link Speed [Gen 3 (8 GT/s)]
Link Speed [Gen 3 (8 GT/s)]
Link Speed [Gen 3 (8 GT/s)]
Link Speed [Gen 3 (8 GT/s)]
PCIe Speed [Gen 3 (8 GT/s)]
SATA Controller(s) [Aktiviert]
SATA Mode Selection [AHCI]
S.M.A.R.T.-Statusprüfung [Enabled]
Aggressive LPM Support [Deaktiviert]
SATA6G_1 [Aktiviert]
SATA6G_1 Hot Plug [Deaktiviert]
SATA6G_2 [Aktiviert]
SATA6G_2 Hot Plug [Deaktiviert]
SATA6G_3 [Aktiviert]
SATA6G_3 Hot Plug [Deaktiviert]
SATA6G_4 [Aktiviert]
SATA6G_4 Hot Plug [Deaktiviert]
SATA6G_5 [Aktiviert]
SATA6G_5 Hot Plug [Deaktiviert]
SATA6G_6 [Aktiviert]
SATA6G_6 Hot Plug [Deaktiviert]
SATA6G_7 [Aktiviert]
SATA6G_7 Hot Plug [Deaktiviert]
SATA6G_8 [Aktiviert]
SATA6G_8 Hot Plug [Deaktiviert]
PCIEX16_1 [Deaktiviert]
PCIEX16_2 [Deaktiviert]
PCIEX16_3 [Deaktiviert]
Azalia HD Audio-Controller [Aktiviert]
M.2_2 & PCIEX4_1 source selection [PCIEX4_1]
Asmedia USB 3.1-Controller [Aktiviert]
Asmedia USB 3.1-Controller [Aktiviert]
USB-Typ-C Netzschalter [Auto]
USB power delivery in Soft Off state (S5) [Aktiviert]
When system is in working state [All On]
When system is in sleep, hibernate or soft off states [All On]
Wi-Fi 6 (802.11ax) [Enabled]
Bluetooth Controller [Disabled]
Intel LAN Controller [Disabled]
10G LAN Card [Disabled]
ErP-Bereit [Deaktiviert]
Nach Stromausfall wiederherstellen [Ausgeschaltet]
Einschalten durch PCI-E/PCI [Deaktiviert]
Einschalten durch RTC [Deaktiviert]
Antiquierte USB-Unterstützung [Enabled]
USB Mass Storage Driver Support [Enabled]
SanDisk [Auto]
U32G2_EC1 [Aktiviert]
U32G2_EC2 [Aktiviert]
U32G2_EC3 [Aktiviert]
LAN1_U32G2_E4 [Aktiviert]
U32G1_E1 [Aktiviert]
U32G1_E2 [Aktiviert]
U32G1_E3 [Aktiviert]
U32G1_E4 [Aktiviert]
U32G1_E5 [Aktiviert]
U32G1_E6 [Aktiviert]
U32G1_E7 [Aktiviert]
U32G1_E8 [Aktiviert]
U32G1_3 [Aktiviert]
U32G1_4 [Aktiviert]
U32G1_5 [Aktiviert]
U32G1_6 [Aktiviert]
LAN2_USB8 [Aktiviert]
USB_9 [Aktiviert]
USB_10 [Aktiviert]
Network Stack [Deaktiviert]
Gerät [ST2000DM001-1CH164]
PTT [Disable]
PTP aware OS [PTP Aware]
CPU-Temperatur(PECI) [Verwaltung]
CPU Package [Verwaltung]
MB-Temperatur [Verwaltung]
VRM Temperature [Verwaltung]
PCH Temperature [Verwaltung]
T Sensor 1 Temperature [Verwaltung]
T Sensor 2 Temperature [Verwaltung]
DIMM.2 Sensor 1 [Verwaltung]
DIMM.2 Sensor 2 [Verwaltung]
Water In T Sensor [Verwaltung]
Water Out T Sensor [Verwaltung]
WB In T Sensor [Verwaltung]
WB Out T Sensor [Verwaltung]
EXT_Sensor1 Temperatur [Verwaltung]
EXT_Sensor2 Temperatur [Verwaltung]
EXT_Sensor3 Temperatur [Verwaltung]
CPU-Lüftergeschwindigkeit [Ignorieren]
CPU Optionale Lüftergeschwindigkeit [Verwaltung]
Gehäuselüfter-1-Drehzahl [Verwaltung]
Gehäuselüfter-2-Drehzahl [Verwaltung]
Gehäuselüfter-3-Drehzahl [Verwaltung]
High Amp Lüftergeschwindigkeit [Verwaltung]
Water Pump+ 1 Geschwindigkeit [Verwaltung]
Water Pump+ 2 Speed [Verwaltung]
HS Fan Speed [Verwaltung]
Flow Rate [Verwaltung]
WB Flow Rate [Verwaltung]
Extension 1-Geschwindigkeit [Verwaltung]
Extension 2-Geschwindigkeit [Verwaltung]
Extension 3-Geschwindigkeit [Verwaltung]
Extension 4-Geschwindigkeit [Verwaltung]
Extension 5-Geschwindigkeit [Verwaltung]
Extension 6-Geschwindigkeit [Verwaltung]
CPU-Kern-Spannung [Verwaltung]
3.3V-Spannung [Verwaltung]
5V-Spannung [Verwaltung]
12V-Spannung [Verwaltung]
CPU Q-Fan-Kontrolle [Deaktiviert]
Gehäuselüfter 1 Q-Fan-Steuerung [Deaktiviert]
Gehäuselüfter 2 Q-Fan-Steuerung [Deaktiviert]
Gehäuselüfter3-Q-Fan-Steuerung [Deaktiviert]
High Amp Fan Control [Deaktiviert]
Extension Fan 1 Q-Fan Control [Deaktiviert]
Extension Fan 2 Q-Fan Control [Deaktiviert]
Extension Fan 3 Q-Fan Control [Deaktiviert]
Extension Fan 4 Q-Fan Control [Deaktiviert]
Extension Fan 5 Q-Fan Control [Deaktiviert]
Extension Fan 6 Q-Fan Control [Deaktiviert]
Heatsink Fan Q-Fan Control [PWM Modus]
Heatsink Fan Step Up [0 sec]
Heatsink Fan Step Down [0 sec]
Heatsink Fan Speed Low Limit [600 U/Min]
Heatsink Fan Upper Temperature [93]
Heatsink Fan Max. Duty Cycle (%) [100]
Heatsink Fan Middle Temperature [75]
Heatsink Fan Middle. Duty Cycle (%) [60]
Heatsink Fan Lower Temperature [60]
Heatsink Fan Min. Duty Cycle (%) [60]
Water Pump+ 1 Control [Deaktiviert]
Water Pump+ 2 Control [Deaktiviert]
CPU Temperature LED Switch [Enabled]
Schnelles Boot [Enabled]
Nächster Systemstart nach Ausfall der Stromversorgung [Normal-Boot]
Above 4G Decoding [Disabled]
Boot-Logo-Anzeige [Auto]
POST-Verzögerungszeit [1 Sek]
NUM-Zustand beim Bootup [An]
Bei Fehler auf 'F1' warten [Aktiviert]
Option-ROM-Meldungen [Aktiviert]
Interrupt 19 abfangen [Aktiviert]
Einrichtungsmodus [Erweiterter Modus]
Boot Sector (MBR/GPT) Recovery Policy [Local User Control]
Next Boot Recovery Action [Skip]
CSM starten [Aktiviert]
Bootgerätekontrolle [UEFI und Legacy OPROM]
Von Netzwerkgeräten booten [Legacy only]
Von externen Datenträger booten [Legacy only]
PCI-E/PCI-Erweiterungskarten booten [Legacy only]
Art des Betriebssystems [Anderes Betriebssystem]
AMI Native NVMe Driver Support [Enabled]
Flexkey [Zurücksetzen]
Setup Animator [Deaktiviert]
Profilname []
Im Profil speichern [1]
DIMM-Steckplatz Nummer [Steckplatz A1]
Download & Install ARMOURY CRATE app [Deaktiviert]
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Anyone... no idea?
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