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*Reminder* The REP System & Its Proper Usage

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As of recent it has become clear that the REP system needs to be explained a little to current members and new members alike. This is pretty much just a brief reminder !.

So lets start shall we......

Firstly to get to grips with what the REP system actually is. lets please take a look at the following thread created by our very own Admin.

Reputation Defined

When should I give out REP+ ? 

It is a very simple concept.

If you have received useful help or information from a fellow member that has helped you in anyway and you wish to show them your appreciation you click on their REP+ button in their profile which can be found on the post they made in their signature area and leave the appropriate comment and submit it. You may also REP the said member if you feel his contributions towards ANOTHER (Not just yourself) member was helpful. When it comes to leaving a REP comment make sure that its to the point and factual.

It is that simple.

Why Should I give out REP+ to helpful/contributing members?

The REP system serves as sign to other members and points out the potentially helpful and trustworthy members on the forum. REP shows us that a member positively contributes to the forum and has the ability to help others within the community. We have a very varied member base, some members are better at one thing while others will be better at something else, thus you will find some members will specifically help more in certain sections of the forum and on the other side of the scale you will find members who have a wide knowledge and can help out in more than one section of the forums.

REP+ should be given out to helpful members as it is the only way you can really say ''Thankyou'' on a public scale and point out the positively contributing members.In the long run this can help many others on the forum also as you are not just simply REPPING the member but pointing out the member to others who potentially could do with help from that same member.

When should I not REP+ members ?

When should it NOT be given?
Reputation SHOULD NOT be given for matters of personal gain. This includes giving rep to friends for any reason, for gmail accounts or anything else that does not benefit the membership as a whole.
- Do not give rep to a post of a member just because you like them. The POST itself should be worthy of the rep.



NEVER REP+ a member for a non valid reason. When I say that I mean DO NOT REP+ a member for being funny or having a good avatar, that is not a good reason and invalidates the system.

For example this is what you SHOULD NOT REP+ for.

1. '' WOW that's a great looking avatar in your profile...REP+''


2. '' Wow lol your funny.....REP+''

I could go on and on but I think we get the idea. Now you may think that's a fun spoiler. However it is for good reason that you only REP+ correctly. If members go around giving REP+ to everyone for any reason under the sun then it will be VERY hard to locate the potentially helpful members within our community.

I am sure you would rather find help from someone who actually knew what they were talking about when it came to your situation rather than find a ''Wannabe'' member with REP who could potentially lead you to disaster or be a false prophet.

Do not REP for help received through PM's

There is a very good reason the REP is not within our PM system. It was simply removed to encourage users to help others in the open forum, this is quite simply so that others browsing OCN can benefit from the help you may have given another user. We have many threads old and new that still hold answers for many people and not just the Original Poster of that thread. We feel that helping through the PM system limits the audience. Please do not REP for help in PM's by browing to a thread and hitting the REP button. This is actually REP abuse as you are not Repping a thread pertinent to your activities. So in short, if you wish to help and help others by the answeres you give, do it in the open forums. If someone asks you for help via PM, persuade them to post in the forum so you can help them there. This way you help others and perhaps yourself if you are worthy of a REP point

Should I take the word of a Higher REPPED member over a lower REPPED member ?

No please do not do that. REP may show experienced/helpful members on the forums but it does not mean they are all knowing by any means. You will find that there are many REP levels on this forum and EVERYONE MUST BE TREATED EQUALLY!. If you are receiving assistance from a member that has lower REP than another member assisting you also does not mean you should just take the advice from the higher REPPED member, you will find that the lower REPPED member could be perfectly right as well in any thread situation. It can take a while for new members to prove themselves on the forums as such there REP count may be lower but this does not invalidate their knowledge.

Treat ALL members equally and give everyone equal opportunity to have there say, especially give new members a chance as they will be new to the game.

REP Equally !

Regardless of the level of REP the user has who helped you they should still be REPPED for useful information that may have helped you or potentially others.

Dont only REP the ''Big boys'' due to the fact they already have a high REP level. REP new members and members with lower REP levels as you would anyone else that has helped you.Do not ignore them as after all they took the time out of their day to help you.

REP begging and REP abuse will NOT be tolerated on any level !

Sadly there will be members that do try to abuse our REP system in various different ways which is a shame as it can eat away at the usefulness of the system.

The following are examples that are common and should not be done under any circumstances.

1. Asking for REP+ in your Threads or Signatures

E.G ''If I helped remember to hit my REP+ Button''

2. Giving REP+ to others with the comment of ''Please REP+ me back'' in an attempt to boost your REPS. This is known as ''Buddy repping'' and is not tolerated.

There are many more, however I will not go into all of them as you get the idea I am sure.

Members found REP abusing will be dealt with accordingly. REP abuse can lead to a forum wide ban.

Please report any suspected REP abuse to a member of the FORUM STAFF or report the offending post.


I have laid it out pretty simply above. Use the REP+ System correctly and REP+ people who truly deserve it. Do not degrade our REP system guys.

Lets keep this community great. The REP system is a part of our great community. So lets protect it please.

If you have any questions or anything to add please don't hesitate to PM any member of the forum staff !.





Originally Posted by TwoCables View Post
If you want more Rep, then stop trying to get Rep.

I mean, the secret in getting something like this is to have absolutely no desire to get it. The second your reason for helping people is to get Rep is the same second you dramatically decrease your chances of getting it. This is because it negatively affects the way you help people.

If you don't believe me, then consider the amount of Rep points I have while also considering my join date. I have never helped anyone with the intention of getting Rep. I have also never even cared about whether or not I get Rep. All I care about is being there for my brothers and sisters here on Overclock.net. I absolutely do not care about whether or not I get anything in return; every single time I help, I do so while expecting absolutely nothing in return.

Thus, their desire to give me something in return is strengthened. But the secret is that you have to be genuine. Even pretending to be like this will have the same negative impact on the way you help and it will weaken their desire to give you something in return. They might even sometimes just not even respond to you.

To put it simply: the secret is to not care about the Rep system at all, but yet it should still be respected.



The above is an example of someone who can truly see the aim of this thread. I hope many others will be able to see this also.

Cheers ''TwoCables''

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What in the name of god is REP?
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Tsk tsk... poor mad

Virtual cookie for enterprise?

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^LOL, I sell Rep by the pound.


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Originally Posted by Mad_Handlez89 View Post
What in the name of god is REP?
Please read : https://www.overclock.net/new-members...n-defined.html

Originally Posted by Tyr13 View Post
Tsk tsk... poor mad

Virtual cookie for enterprise?
Yum..they always taste good.

Keep the REP system clean people

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Great article. Cheers.


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for the love of god remember to rep people if they deserve it
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Please, please, please rep me, I need it!! Oh wait a sec...

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LOL, mate. Rep+, mate.
You Britts...
Originally Posted by d3daiM View Post
Great article. Cheers.


Actually, why not. It's a good post, I'll rep him

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Thank you Enterprise. This is exactly what the forums have been in need of. This reminder should help revive the true purpose of the rep system and grow some appreciation of it and its many attributions to OCN. I hope some people read this with consideration.
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