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The problem with a single PSU brand

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Originally Posted by Spykerv View Post

Originally Posted by Ken1649 View Post

Rare quality. Not many men will admit that thumb.gif


thanks bro! I believe the fact that if I don't admit to my mistakes, how can I possibly correct them?

Not saying recommending one brand is a mistake. Have seen here some members will get upset if people don't listen to them lol



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I have always had good luck with Antec power supplies (made by Delta i believe?) Never owned a Seasonic or corsair psu.
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Man...I just found a great performing unit that happens to be a Seasonic, but it's expensive (probably cause of what Phaedrus suspects) and I'd rather not enable a potential oligopoly. Now I really wish I could find a review of the Kingwin LZP-750. If the 550 is any indication of how it'll perform, I would've been sold days ago. Thanks for this article. It's good to get an insight into the market. This probably goes unnoticed by most.
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Interesting post, but I mean, I want a quality PSU, I bought a BFG PSU last time around, when I had just gotten into building computers. Thing is crap, planning to replace it with a Corsair or Seasonic. They fit my price range, features, and quality.

Looked at Antecs offerings, but not to happy. Sure, I guess I''ll follow the crowd.

Sorry to disappoint you, but I can't see myself buying Antec or Thermalmake.
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Kinda like how people blindly recommend Reference EVGA Nvidia cards thinking they are the best and ultimate..

Just with some blatant turds of PSU's you have to search through to get any decent ones gets annoying. I had a $18 PSU croak, and instantly got my EA650w.
Decided to open this Autrix 450w up and looked horrid. Smashed afterwards aha

Corsair now gotta have anything and everything, expanding as much as possible, but don't get me wrong they have some nice products.
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Well, I bought a EVGA 8800 GT, it was DoA, then I RMA'ed it and bought a BFG 8800 GT, worked wonderful.

For a GTX280 I bought EVGA again. My GTX280 died, earlier this year, thankfully it was still under the warranty. However, obviously, the 280 isn't in production anymore, and so they send me a GTX470 to replace it...

more VRAM, and in alot of games, at least 40% faster. It even takes up less power, haha. Very satisfied with EVGA for that alone, and will probably go with them again just due to that!

Not owned anything Corsair, but I have owned two Antec PSU's, both good, and this crappy BFG PSU. So when I was looking to build my new 2500K rig; I was looking for Corsair, which I used in my cousins case. Great PSU, loved the design, finish, and performance.

Seasonic looks nice, as you said, just the same PSU's really. Enermax looks nice, but they don't have a 750w PSU, which I want, to fit my needs. Now, I don't plan to SLI, and your own PSU calc said for my new system I'll need about 525 watts since of course I plan to OC the heck out of that 2500K. But what if I do ever want to SLi? So yeah, keeping room in there for another. Your calculator says I'd be skirting the 750w line. Now I dunno how accurate that is, but hmm...cutting it close at that rate. Add in capacitor aging...

I may get a 1000w PSU, even for the hells of it...but I do not know, honestly. I feel 1000w is wasted.

I need your wisdom, o Mighty PSU God Reviewer.

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Phaedrus2129, you should list some alternative OEMs that make good PSU besides Seasonic.

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Im starting to fall for the silverstone PSU. From what i understand their good quality and a fair bit cheaper then corsair. Although the seasonic platinum 860 has me memorised tongue.gif

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I've been using Seasonic PSUs since long before Corsair made PSUs, and with good reason. I still recommend Season in many cases, again with good reason. They do make some of the best PSUs out

However, I am not blind to the fact that there are other capable PSUs, and that in many situations there may be a better value than a Seasonic. I currently use a mix of Antec, Corsair, Enermax, and Seasonic PSUs. I researched each PSU before I purchased it, and got them all during various sales.

Bottom line is, I'll buy and recommend whatever quality PSU that provides the requisite quantity of power if it's at or under the quantity of money budgeted for the part.
Originally Posted by Mkilbride View Post

Enermax looks nice, but they don't have a 750w PSU, which I want, to fit my needs.

Enermax makes more than one 750w PSU, but their PSUs in this range are mediocre.

Also, you shouldn't look a specific wattage as much as rule out those that are too low.

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Yeah I completely agree with this. I've use Seasonic,Antec,and HEC Orions and I've never had any problems, even with the 20$ orions! It's definitely a good idea to try different brands and not just blindly buy Seasonic and Corsair due to other peoples impression of them. Look at what it has to offer and if it fits your budget. Also remember that every product has it's lemons and don't automatically bash on the brand if you receive a DOA.

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