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Originally Posted by txtmstrjoe View Post
Members list updated.

pioneer, hopefully we can all make this club fun and informative! And thanks for your support.

(By the way, something is coming your way. Check your mailbox in a couple of days...)
Absolutely....will do!

And how come I'm just a "standard" member now? Grrrr....I'm going to file a complaint with the manager! I've been telling you guys we need a better 939 club.....jeez! What more do you need from me???

I'd also like to say.....maybe we should steal a few of the Grand Poobah's idea's in the old thread....such as the tech document links for the temperatures. Those were really handy. Just my $0.02.

Now...I gotta ship out that stupid freakin dead 7900GS XT back to XFX before I lose that $5 to yet another pack of cigarrettes. My last $5....RMA that stupid dead on arrival card.....or smokes? Think I choose RMA, its better for my health !

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