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Originally Posted by nepikez View Post
great post! exactly what i was looking for

nub Q here though:

I assume everyone uses their BIOS to change the vcore, multiplier, etc
but I was wondering, what your guys thoughts were on something like this


let the software slowly increase the setting and check stability and then, after that does all the testing for you, you can permanently change the setting in your BIOS....

Thanks... as i said... nub here,
Soft clocking isn't stable and isn't permanent, which is why you overclock through your BIOS. I'd rather experiment through my BIOS (to learn it and its various functions) then use a program and not now how to apply it to my BIOS. You can always reset your settings in your BIOS if the overclock isn't stable So its not like a get it right or else... It is more of a trail and error process, which will allow you to gain experience and knowledge from.

I would suggest you to read up in the AMD CPU section on some of the overclocking guides they have in there.

Thanks for asking as I am sure many have wondered the same thing

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