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Think you have a slick watercooling system? I thought so as well until I read this article involving a new liquid-based cooling technique.

"Rather than wetting computer chips with a cone-shaped shower of coolant as do existing devices, the new system drenches chips with high velocity lines of liquid, much like sheets of wind-driven rain."

Microsoft has released an all-in-one keyboard designed specifically for use with their Media Center Edition of Windows.

"The all-in-one keyboard allows users to send instant messages, watch movies, view images, and control a TV, among other functions, from one device. "What remotes did for TVs, Microsoft's three-in-one control center does for MCE [Media Center Edition] PCs. With this device you can now get rid of all the other remotes, reducing living room clutter," says Matt Barlow, director of marketing at Microsoft Hardware, in an e-mail interview."

Good news for those of us wanting to get our hands on the new 7800GTX but are too broke to afford it (raises hand). The Inquier is reporting that price breaks are on the way.

"By launch time, the MSRP price got adjusted to US$599, and with the same-day availability, prices stayed at that mark. However, couple of weeks after the launch, we're seeing prices going down to $550 range, and it isn't scheduled to stop anytime soon.

My sources are telling me the trend will continue to go down, and we can expect $499 price as a regular one within weeks from now..."

After saving some cash in the above post, you can always put it to good use towards the purchase of a high-end processor. LinuxHardware puts the top models from both AMD and Intel through paces.

"In this review, we're taking a look at three processors each from AMD and Intel. What we chose to look at is each manufacturer's top enthusiast CPU, their top dual-core CPU, and their top mainstream CPU. On AMD's side this equals the Athlon 64 FX-57, Athlon 64 4800+, and Athlon 64 4000+ respectively. On Intel's side this equals the Pentium Extreme Edition 840, Pentium D 840, and Pentium 4 670 respectively."

Xtreme Resources rounds things out by giving us the heads up on the Crucial Ballistix PC2-5300 DDR2.

"To begin with, I will boot to the OS with the stock speed and timings to check the SPD of the modules and their performance without tweaking the system at all. Then I will find the lowest timings the RAM can possibly handle and the top speed it can achieve. Finally, I will find the top speed that the modules can reach, raising the timings to the highest acceptable by today’s standards. Voltage will always be set to 2.3v (2.21v according to my multimeter, it seems that the 2GB is quite a bit for the board to handle) in order to show the maximum overclocking potential while using a relatively safe voltage setting for this kind of RAM."
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