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Originally Posted by TheNix View Post
Hm i'll give it a shot why not, so here goes:

Im using Vista x64, and the folder views i set arent saved, during the same session even folders like My computer wont keep it and change multiple times.

Is there a way to increase the size of the folder cache in case that would help?


Ctrl panel > folder options is all you get; restore defaults if you have issues, but you can set "remember view settings" to on/off. Afaik, the cache is equal to no more than .225% of your index, which fluctuates "as windows sees fit"... However, you can rebuild your index (which everyone should do at least once every six months anyway).... Hit start > type "index" > select "indexing options" > advanced > "file types" tab > ensure that they are all checked (sans one or two "null filters" , they should be... leave those unchecked). Rebuild your index if you want, but your rig will run slower until it has ~ 4 hours idle time to "catch up".

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