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Weird...my 6800LE used to not want to overclock in RivaTuner or Coolbits 2 at all...like if I set the core 1 MHz higher it would say the hardware test failed. So tonight I read something about someone offering to do a BIOS mod to a 6800GT and I thought '***? BIOS mod on a 6800?' I hadn't heard of anything like that so I looked in the FAQ section and found some irrelevant tweaks in the nVidia display tool.

So I go in there, look at them, then I go to the Coolbits tab. Just for the heck of it, I click 'detect optimal frequencies'...and it works for a while then successfully sets my clocks at 359/816 :***:

Of course I was thrilled...so I ran 3DMark05. Last time I ran it, I had 512MB of system memory...now I have 256MB because I lent some to a friend while he RMA's his. That time I scored 2612...now with 256MB of system RAM I Scored 2884.

Can't wait till I get my other 256 stick...moerso can't wait to upgrade RAM and see what happens then

I think the clocks can go higher, at least the core can. Leadtek puts a very nice heat sink on these things, and the core is idling at 56C just like it always did, even at stock freqs and pipes.

EDIT: W00t RAM is up to 920.

EDIT: Wow I'm looney I kept saying Riva Tuner 2 when I meant Coolbits 2

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