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Originally Posted by --Filip--
Weird...my 6800LE used to not want to overclock in RivaTuner or Coolbits 2 at all...like if I set the core 1 MHz higher it would say the hardware test failed. So tonight I read something about someone offering to do a BIOS mod to a 6800GT and I thought '***? BIOS mod on a 6800?' I hadn't heard of anything like that so I looked in the FAQ section and found some irrelevant tweaks in the nVidia display tool.

So I go in there, look at them, then I go to the Coolbits tab. Just for the heck of it, I click 'detect optimal frequencies'...and it works for a while then successfully sets my clocks at 359/816 :***:

Of course I was thrilled...so I ran 3DMark05. Last time I ran it, I had 512MB of system memory...now I have 256MB because I lent some to a friend while he RMA's his. That time I scored 2612...now with 256MB of system RAM I Scored 2884.

Can't wait till I get my other 256 stick...moerso can't wait to upgrade RAM and see what happens then

I think the clocks can go higher, at least the core can. Leadtek puts a very nice heat sink on these things, and the core is idling at 56C just like it always did, even at stock freqs and pipes.

EDIT: W00t RAM is up to 920.

EDIT: Wow I'm looney I kept saying Riva Tuner 2 when I meant Coolbits 2
Excellent, I'm v.happy for ya. Its always a good feelin when you do something that you thought was impossible. It makes you think, "wow... did that just happen" or "I wish I'd done that in the first place" lol. It'll be even better with 512mb too.

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