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[Official] Mechanical Keyboard Club - Because saving money is boring.

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Welcome to the Overclock Official Mechanical Keyboard Club.


 :typer: Home to the loudest typers on Overclock. :typer:


This is a place where you can come and discuss anything and everything mechanical keyboard related.


Whether you want to speak with other enthusiasts and discuss new products, or if you want tips on building a custom keyboard, this is a great place to discuss the topic with other people, and maybe even learn something along the way.




















The winners so far. (Click to show)

October 2012 - Gubz



November 2012 - Boost



December 2012U _AKIMbO_



January 2013 - nubbinator



February 2013 - mironccr345



March 2013 - eyesmiles



April 2013 - _AKIMbO_



May 2013 - jokrik 



June 2013 - TadZilla



July 2013 - megaforce93



August 2013 - nubbinator



September 2013 - HesterDW


October 2013 - nubbinator


November 2013 - jokrik


December 2013 - Badwrench


January 2014 - HPE1000 and Krullmeister

  • Filco Majestouch 2 TKL w/ MX Blues 
  • Blue aluminum case
  • Blank keycaps



February 2014 - JayKthnx


March 2014 - Jixr



April 2014 - jdcarpe



May 2014 - HPE1000



June 2014 - Jixr



July 2014 - mark-thaddeus



August 2014 - Exfiltrate



September 2014 - topre



October 2014 HPE1000



November 2014 - razr m3



December 2014 - Jixr



January 2015 - HPE1000



February 2015 - euf0ria



March 2015 - Angrychair

  • Sprit60 White PCB
  • Opaque acrylic plate
  • Cherry MX White switches w/ 78g gold springs, gold switch stickers and white LEDs
  • Cherry stabilizers w/ gold stabilizer bars
  • White PBT keycaps w/ clear O-rings
  • Clear acrylic Boomerang case
  • White USB cable w/ white MDPC sleeving and gold plated connectors
  • Poker II layout










Please feel free to use the sig link below (members on the list only):

I <3 Mechanical Keyboard


I <3 [URL=https://www.overclock.net/t/538389/mechanical-keyboard-club]Mechanical Keyboard[/URL]










If you're joining the club for the first time:


  • If you are joining with one keyboard, you must submit the form and provide your own picture of it.
  • If you are joining with more than one keyboard, you must submit the form with your own picture of at least one of the boards, preferably all of them if possible.


If you're in the club already:


  • If you want to edit your entry i.e. add or remove boards from your entry, you must submit the form with the list of all the boards you want next to your name not just the new ones. This is because the new copy of the form you submit will overwrite the previous one(s). So for example, if you're currently listed as owning a Ducky Shine 3, but you want to add a WASD V2 to your entry aswell, then you'd submit the form listing the Ducky Shine 3 and WASD V2.


























 The KOTM competition is currently on hold indefinitely until prizing and format changes are addressed.

KOTM Info (Click to show)
Keyboard of the Month is a competition where each month you can submit your votes for the coolest customised keyboards people have modified this month.
How The Competition Works:
  • At the start of the month I create a Keyboard of the Month (KOTM) thread.
  • You can use the dedicated KOTM thread to post pictures of your keyboard that you are entering (optional) and to submit your entry for that month via the Google Docs form.
  • Entries are accepted up until the last week of the month, after which entries for that month are closed.
  • If more than 3 unique valid entries are submitted, then I will then put up a poll in that thread of all the submissions and the poll will stay up for the rest of the month to let people from all over the site vote. If the required number of entries is not met, the KOTM for that month will be cancelled and the KOTM will continue the following month.
  • After the voting closes, I will announce the winner on the first of the following month, their name will be added to the list of winners, a picture of their board put in the Mechanical Keyboard Club OP to show off their work, and they will be able to claim a limited edition OCN Keyboard of the Month keycap that you can see below.



Competition Rules:
  • You must enter your own board, I reserve the right to ask for proof of ownership of any board I think may not belong to you.
  • You can enter as many times as you like per year with one board or different ones.
  • You can win at most three times in a single year, and not two months in a row
  • You can only win once with a given board, if you win twice with a board appearing to be the same, proof of the differences between the two will be required.
  • Only one image will be put up as your entry's poll picture, if you submit two images then I will pick which one.
  • You may change your entry once before the competition starts, any subsequent entries by you for that month will be ignored. Your entry cannot be changed once the poll is up.
  • You can request the poll picture in the KOTM thread be changed once.
  • I reserve the right to permanently exclude any people who's submissions break any of the competition rules or the OCN ToS e.g. submissions clearly meant to advertise.



Tips For Entering:

  • Get inventive: you're unlikely to do well if you're just changing out a few keycaps
  • Provide a good picture: Your picture is what sells your entry to voters, so do your best to make it look good, for some tips see this thread.




How To Claim Your Prize If You Win:


If you win, I will send you a PM requesting the following information:


  • Competition thread link:
  • Prize Won:
  • Full OCN Username:
  • Full Name:
  • Full Address & Post/Zip Code:
  • Tankguys Email Address:   

NOTE: You MUST create a Tankguys account and fill out your shipping info in the account info! If you don't, we cannot ship the prize out to you!

Upon receiving this information, staff will organise your prize to be sent out.


Trying to claim a prize when you haven't won the KOTM competition will get you banned from all future KOTM competitions.


The prize for the KOTM competition. (Click to show)



Good luck to all!

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ive got some old chicony clacky keys thing, its great!

post-flame-small.gif8800GTS 512 OC Round UP!post-flame-small.gifOriginally Posted by sLowEnd:
As with computer OC-ing, you need money to make things happen

With the state of the economy, I don't think Obama can get much much of an overclock. (At least, not quickly) He's on stock cooling.
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I have a Super old Something over thingy i dunno what. It' s got the Keyboard port before PS. And It's Mechanical.

BigBoy Reincanated
(15 items)
i7 8700k
G-Skill Ripjaws V
Hard Drive
Intel 760p NVME
Hard Drive
Corsair Force LE SSD
Power Supply
EVGA G2 Fully Modular
Corsair H100i V2
Corsair Obsidian 750D
Operating System
Windows 10 Home x64
Viewsonic XG2402
Logitech G Pro TenKeyLess
Logitech G403 Wireless
Spigen Mouse/Keyboard Mat
Astro A40 w/ Mixamp
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(reply to post in Mechanical keyboard guide thread. That's gone off topic enough)
Originally Posted by judasdoh View Post
i have failed you all...

sorry, can i change titles of threads?
Yes you can change title. Edit original post, go to advanced edit, and change from there.

post-flame-small.gifpost-flame-small.gifpost-flame-small.gifpost-flame-small.gif..............post-flame-small.gifpost-flame-small.gifpost-flame-small.gifpost-flame-small.gif..............post-flame-small.gif........ ......post-flame-small.gif
post-flame-small.gif........post-flame-small.gif........ .....post-flame-small.gif..........................post-flame-small.gif ..post-flame-small.gif........post-flame-small.gif
post-flame-small.gif........post-flame-small.gif..............post-flame-small.gif....... ............ .... post-flame-small.gif........post-flame-small.gif ..post-flame-small.gif
post-flame-small.gifpost-flame-small.gifpost-flame-small.gifpost-flame-small.gif.......... ...post-flame-small.gifpost-flame-small.gifpost-flame-small.gifpost-flame-small.gif............ .post-flame-small.gif...............post-flame-small.gif

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I'll jump in, I guess. Filco Cherry Brown. I have a few pictures:

And one of the whole desk so you can get an idea of how big the keyboard really is; this is a 5" wide fold-up table.

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I'll post pics when I get back home next week

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Originally Posted by Halciet View Post
I'll jump in, I guess. Filco Cherry Brown. I have a few pictures:

And one of the whole desk so you can get an idea of how big the keyboard really is; this is a 5" wide fold-up table.

sexy pics

ChinaUpgradez-Overclockable 775 Motherboard, Good PSU, 4830.
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bump for more owners.

I miss my spring loaded keys...

I wish the Model-M wasn't so heavy, or I would have brought it here.

ChinaUpgradez-Overclockable 775 Motherboard, Good PSU, 4830.
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AS 396507
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sign me up.

Maybe you should keep the name to 1 "z" (Mechanical Keyboard ownerzzz) so it doesn't look like owning a mechanical keyboard makes you sleepy lol

oh and make an OCN group for it...

Athlon XP 1700+ 1.4GHz to 2.39GHz
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Sign me up please!

Filco Majestouch with Cherry Blues.
Italian Red Chassis with red ESC key and lavender WASD cluster.

There are no choppers, only tumors.

My Audi features the ubiquitous "Add Noise" button.

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