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After years of troubleshooting I have just found what causes my mouse to lag and general input lag problem

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This will be a really long story so if you are not interested in input lag or mouse issues sorry for that from the beginning.

For the last 4 years I have been experiencing weird lag issues that noone believed me. It was most obvious while I was playing CS:Source and then after CS:GO. I couldn't even describe it. It was just "weird". As my fellas were not tech guys or people could understand really what was the problem, I just left that problem out, and believed that I became an old guy, who could not aim properly after some time, and my skills had been worse and worse. And after winning many local tournaments, it was just not "my era" anymore we thought.

One day, there was an electrical problem in the whole block, and after that when I opened my rig, everything seemed smooth. So smooth that I couldn't believe at all! I managed to do so good flick shots that even I didn't even believe to myself. And told to my fellas that "I was back."

Apparently, something was wrong, which was not me! I started troubleshooting immediately, 3 or 4 years ago.
  • I changed cables. Ethernet cables. DSL cables. PSU cable. Monitor PSU cable. Lead to no change.
  • I changed hardware. I upgraded my GPU, no, it was still there. But some lag was gone because overall it is a good improvement.
  • I bought Soundblaster Zx, it became better as I disabled on-board Realtek.
  • I bought a Blue Yeti Microphone, as I knew microphone could cause such things. And I like those.
  • I replaced my PSU with a Highpower Astro one with Eagle-Eye function. Though I was really happy with the purchase it did not help.
  • I changed my motherboard, rams, and processor. Even I changed my Intel addictness with the hope that my pain will go. Or that I was not crazy. I was just trying to prove myself.
  • Read all posts of Skylit. Became a mouse internals expertish. Ordered many mice because of my addictness. Ordered keyboards. No change.
  • I r0ached into my rig. Did everything. Then I started to do my own r0aching. Really found interesting things that could cause input lag. And I was trying to minimize it. But always got scared of pitchforks that even people were showing off to r0ach himself. I was just "noone" still lagging and I did not believe I had the courage for sharing that.
  • That maybe you won't even believe but I will post a picture later: I changed the electricity groundwork of my flat! We were doing some renovation in the house and I even hired people to handle this out. NO CHANGE.

Recently, while my gf came to share my room with me for a couple days of visit, I, sensed that something was better. Something. But I could not know what. I asked her if she did something or changed or replaced. She just told me that she took the surge plugs branded APC near my computer, pulling it to herself, simply replacing it further than the computer.

I was like no that should not be that, no way. After replacing it near my computer, the movements of the mouse was getting worse. Or, I was getting mentally out of control. I mean, there was no third option. I could not ask her to check it because people are not as sensitive as I am. When I was having the worse input lag, even one my clan mates came by to my house to check my insanity problem, and told me everything was fine!

Then I made an immediate search online, which showed indeed magnetic sources can cause ghosting on monitor and input lag overall. It was mainly a printer problem that after people unplugged their printer or scanner the problem was gone.

I had no printer.

But I threw out everything on my desktop except monitor and microphone... Drove to the nearest store as I also read that even though we thought when DVI cables go bad they either do not show anything or just malfunction, but they indeed cause input lag and ghosting without going black. I bought the most expensive DVI-D cable I found and plugged it, with unplugging my really expensive APC surge also.

The input lag was not gone, but now I could troubleshoot it because everything was really smooth but snappy at the same time. I looked at my monitor and rig and said within ''Now we are talkin'."

For the last week I tried anything possible and it seemed to be the best. Now I could last hit properly in Dota 2 not blaming my ping, I could get good headshots in Counter Strike and so on. But still... Still something was wrong. I did not pay attention at first, until a competitive match in CS:GO.

People were indeed pre-shooting me. Either my monitor was 60ms, or they were all using 144hz lighbusters, which was not possible in my "new skill bracket". After telling my fellas I fixed everything and now I was back, no I was not at all. The problem was still there. And after fixing surge and monitor cable, It was really something that I could tell now. And for sure I knew that I was not insane.

After all years, there are just three periperals remaining from my old rig: two Seagate Barracuda 7200.10 HDD, Samsung 206BW, and Thermaltake Armor VA8000SWA

Though it did not have any bad sectors, and as I could not afford any gaming monitor and SSD after all those purchases I made, I went straight away to my rig, crouched to the ground, looked at my HDDs, and with using offensive words towards them I just unplugged one. I have two windows installed in both of them for troubleshooting so I could reboot immediately.

It worked. I now did not have it. I went to counter strike:go and now my bullets were not Battlefieldish. Now I was not supposed to aim near people, but to people. Mouse seemed so different that I had no muscle memory at all. I was going to cry. Really I am so happy that even my family cannot understand it. And I cannot tell it. Who would understand me? Just I guess here.

But still I need your help. I don't know whether just one HDD was causing it or not. Because when I plug them both, I have the weird problem. When I just plug the HDD that I don't use at all, it is gone.

BUT! When I plug the HDD that I don't use and which works like charm alone WITH THE PLUGS I PLUG MY FAULTY-TO-BE-THOUGHT HDD, I STILL HAVE THE SAME PROBLEM. That's where I go insane. And I understand nothing about sata, e-sata, and other HDD stuff.

I require your help. Please help me and prove me that I have not gone all insane.

P.S: It would be so easy to just throw those two to the garbage and grab one SSD now but I don't have the material needs for that for the time being and I want to diagnose it also. I can provide you any details of my rig, included pictures and lots of loves. Thank you in advance.

After years of problems I have managed to diagnose and fix it.
The problems occuring in my PC were related to my chassis (internal Thermaltake fans, their molex and especially 3pin connections to the motherboard, and top panel usb&sound connections)

After unplugging all my former fans and after that top panel connections I fixed:

  • Bad and strange mouse movement and jittering
  • Huge input lag. I mean, huge.
  • Sound synchronization
  • Bad quality sound (Actually I wouldn't know that my Zx could sound that better at all)
  • General response time of HDD

Thank you all. Especially r0ach and Ultracarpet.
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divide into chapters so when i have a break i know where to start again.

I had that prob once and found my right arm was not moving quick enough biggrin.gif

Sorry i have no idea thumb.gif

There are 2 kinds of people I really admire in this world. Ones that say they are going to do something and do it! And ones that do something, and then say they have done it!
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Your post is making everyone else on here seem sane and ordinary.
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pass the lortabs
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Please help me and prove me that I have not gone all insane.
You're asking us to perform the impossible.

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Originally Posted by Krucid View Post

Your post is making everyone else on here seem sane and ordinary.

im by far the sanest person here muhahahaha

maybe 1 HDD is just a piece of crap and the other is not? idk what to tell you?

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Try different some different sata cables?

Have you tried switching the power cables to the HDD and leaving the sata cables?

I mean you have it narrowed now. It's either the power cable to the HDD or the Sata cable... YOU ARE SO CLOSE biggrin.gif

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whatever you did to fix it, KEEP DOING THAT, whatever messes it up, DON'T DO THAT!

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I'll have what he's having, please.
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