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Cooler Master Xornet II *Review

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Cooler Master Xornet II*Review


-A bit of history:

The Xornet II is a successor of the orginal Xornet announced in October 2011.
The mouse had a nice ergonomic design with a fingertip rest which was quite new at the time in such a small form factor.
Originally the Xornet was a product that was made to be cheap and have a minimalistic design with some decent specifications for an entry level product for a retail price of arround $29.99 MSRP.

orginal Xornet - announced in 2011

The mouse had rubber side grips and a very new odd shell with a ring finger rest in a small form factor.
Many people loved the shape and size.
Their where 2 models at the time the Xornet and the Spawn.
The Xornet used at the time used the avago 3050.
And the Spawn the 3090 but had a higher price.

The original Xornet had omron D2FC-F-7N micro switches and had TTC internals for the scroll wheel and side plus middle switches.
And used a cypress microcontroller (CYP7C64343) with an avago lens (ADNS-5110-001 lens x0,80 magnification)

-So what has changed:

let’s compare some specifications first with the old and the new model:




Xornet II

left and right button :

Omron D2FC-F-7N

Ormron D2FC-F-7N

Side and cpi button:



Scroll wheel internals:



Sensor used:




Cypress CU7C64343


Lens used:

Avago ADNS-5110-001

Third party lens (unknown)

Weight without cable:

85 g

80 g

Weight with cable:

142 g

132 g


as you can see the internals have changed quite a bit.
They have kept the omron seeing their where no problems with the switches.
Mouse button click will feel the same as with the older model.

Typical omron light actuation and click sound feedback.
The scroll wheel and other buttons stayed also the same with the TTC micro switches.
So internals combined with shell has made this mouse 5 grams lighter than previous model weighing now around 80 grams without cable.

-Now the biggest difference:

The biggest difference is off course the new sensor used in combination with the microcontroller and third party lens.
Their EU product manager told me this will be the first mouse released with the new PMW 3320.

So let’s compare the sensors between the older Xornet and the Xornet II:



Xornet II

Sensor used:

Avago ADNS-3050

Pixart PMW3320DBTYDU

Form factor:

8 pin design

8 pin design


2000 dpi/cpi

3500 dpi/cpi

CPI / DPI Steps:

500 / 1000/ 2000

250 till 3500 in steps off 250 cpi/dpi

Tracking Speed:

60 IPS

80 IPS

Lift off Distance:

approximately 3 mm

adjustable Lift off Distance

Polling rate:

1000 hertz

1000 hertz

Angle Snapping:

off (but could be turned on)


Mouse acceleration:



Image Array size:

19x19 pixels


frame rate:

6666 fps @26MHz internal clock frequency


LED used:

Red Led

Infra red Led

*Unknown trying to get my hands on a specification sheet


As you can see the mice has gotten an incredible update performance wise.
Only thing that bothers me is that they used a third party lens and no LM31 LNG lens as is proposed at the pixart website.
But this should be no problem if the magnification keeps the same as the LM31 LNG lens.


(probably the choice for the third party lens was to save costs or maybe  the manufacturer still had a lens batch with the right magnification needed)


Then another great thing what has changed is the sensor position at the bottom of the mouse with previous model the sensor was horizontally aligned.


Now with the new Xornet they have positioned it vertically as is default nowadays with most mice on the market.

Xornet         Xornet II

-The shape shell and materials used :


What can I say about the shape, I have used the cm storm spawn back in the day.
And I feel right back at home.

The ergnomic design with fingertip rest makes the mouse extremely comfortable for a fingertip grip or claw grip.
Due to its big with its makes it comfortable but due to its short length it makes it a nice mouse to move from your wrist.

You definitly have a lot more freedom of movement then with a big mouse and the light weight helps as well a lot.
For me my the only thing what I lack is a bit more length in the front seeing my hand is 18cm in length and my fingers will fall over the left and right click of the mouse.
But when I rest my hand a bit more back or go to a claw grip the problem dissapears.

I would recommend this mouse for fingertip and claw grippers and if you have really tiny hands you could maybe palm it heavily.



Open for pictures Xornet II (Click to show)


*Materials used


The materials used in this mouse are as following:


the mouse itself is ABS plastic as is standard with all mice to my knowledge.


The mouse has rubber side gripes which have a superb nice soft feel to them but don’t find the texture help enough to keep my thumb and finger in place.


Can’t say yet if the rubber side grips will get sticky or catch dirt easily, seeing I just own this pre release model for a short period of time.


Then the left and right button are coated in rubber.


Cable is pvc non braided and comes with a Velcro strap.


And the logo on the mouse is printed in Glossy UV paint.


Mousefeet are PTFE.




the Xornet II has new software with a new graphical user interface.

Every change you want to make loads nice and fast on the mouse.

Some things what I found interesting was that you could change the button latency in OS settings.

And that you can assign a mouse button in turning the sensor on and off. 

This should come in handy if you don’t want anyone to use your mouse when your gone from pc for a short period of time.

As well I found out that I could change the lighting in almost every color possible 

But when set to white I can see that the LED emits quite bright white but the scroll wheel blocks the light which makes the wheel pinkish witch is quite a bummer I would recommend to pick a darker color.


Then there was as well something I did not know but luckily I requested some extra information and found a page in a sales document where was explained that you could change LOD of the mouse not only true software but as well by clicking down the cpi/dpi down button.


for the rest the pictures of the software are quite self-explainable:


Software pictures: (Click to show)


-the best part Tracking:

I did some tracking test and what I noticed is that the mouse can track till 3 meter per second approximately on the setting of 500 dpi/cpi.


Also did some swipes at 1000 and 3500 dpi/cpi but would never recommend the 3500 step seeing the max malfunction speed will get under 1 meter per second.


see pictures below for paint/and microe .png's


Paint 500/1000/3500 dpi @1000hertz polling rate (Click to show)




Microe Moustester mouse graphs X velocity (Click to show)


-Short conclusion:

the mouse has gotten a nice update especially with the new sensor.
Shape Feels like old and is a really comfortable for a fingertip grip or claw gripper.
The mice can now be calibrated for your surface and has more dpi/cpi steps to choose from.
Lift off distance is nice and low and can be set to your liking.

(no tape trick needed as with old Xornet)
Maximum speed seems to be around 3 meter per second for the 500 dpi/cpi step.
Stable hertz polling rate of 1000 hertz.

Warranty is still 2 years.

Cons: maybe that the scroll wheel and side buttons are still TTC 

All with all, for this low price point a nice entry level product in 2015

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Will there be a spawn 2?
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I'm excited for this mouse, pls release it soon, CM.
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Very professional review, +rep.

The one thing this mouse has always had in it's favor is the unique form-factor, and with the upgraded internals its appears to be a contender in the current market. Thankfully there are enough other mice being released to make the wait less painful. Honestly this is the only non-ambi mouse I'm even considering for a future purchase.

"To give the gamer more control and command over so much power there is some sort of a smoothing agent incorporated on the mouse chip that gives that different feel, that edge, that authority over your shots."
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Thanks for the review. I've been eyeing the Xornet II for the past month now while I'm using my original Spawn as a backup mouse. I'm debating whether to wait for the Xornet II release or pick up something else. My Spawn has held up for 4 years and its age shows: worn paint, mushy scroll wheel (idk how to clean the inside--it is not smooth to scroll and sometimes hard to click), dust stuck to rubber.
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Would like some hot 1vs1 middle wire connected debounce test.

Examples: Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)

Alligator Clips?

Also, would help to perform it with different button delays set in the software. Like 4ms in software and then the slider at 32ms.
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Mouse reviewer
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Thumbs up for the review, very nice! thumb.gif
Not the mouse for me, but there was quite a lot Spawn/Xornet shape love around, so this could fit a lot of people.
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Looks like like it's now possible to use the DPI buttons for other purposes. Nice.

It would interesting to know if the bindings are stored in the mouse. Do they still work If you deactivate/uninstall the software?
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TY for the review! I'd like to see how it looks in the hand. Could you maybe add some photos of you gripping the mouse?

the feel when you're stuck using a 10 year old office mouse because you can't aim with anything else... FeelsBadMan
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hm... 3.3m/s seems unlikely unless the custom lens has a different magnification factor (which would mean different cpi steps)

3.3m/s was what i got for azio exo1 which has a custom lens and has dpi steps ~15% lower than the usual

and ofc we know am010 in logitech's mice malfunction at ~2.7-2.8m/s

idk where you found the 130inches/second spec, but on the official spec (which historically is very conservative) from pixart's site (and from the datasheet) is 80inches/second
Originally Posted by uaokkkkkkkk View Post

Would like some hot 1vs1 middle wire connected debounce test.
i wouldn't be surprised if 4ms gave exactly 4-5ms and so on...

too busy to check forums as regularly
pm me if i forget to respond
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