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[Coreteks]The PS5 chip changes EVERYTHING

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Quote: Originally Posted by JackCY View Post
What a waste of time video, talks nothing about PS5 almost let alone the chip. It's a Zen + Navi, it has been known for ages, consoles are nothing more than proprietary PCs, sort of laptop in a box, that's all. So it has a newer APU, big deal...
Maybe he's talking about chiplet design? I mean if they could get 8 core zen 2/3 CPU, I/O, Mid range Navi GPU and maybe 8GB HBM each for both CPU/GPU it would be pretty wild

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Quote: Originally Posted by Majin SSJ Eric View Post
Uh, Ok.

Silly pot-shots aside (and I didn't watch the video in the OP btw), I've seen plenty of sources claiming the PS5 will feature eight Zen 2 cores and a Navi GPU roughly equivalent in performance to a 1070 or 1080. If those specs turn out to be true I would say that this generation will see the consoles come as close to high end gaming PC's as we've seen in as long as I can remember (though I didn't get into PC gaming until 2011).

A PS5 with those specs would be a revolution for game design and should catapult development further along than any console release over the last 20 years or so, if ever. Think about it, the PS3 may have had more raw processing power at the time than high end PC's did (based on what little I've read about the topic), but the Cell Processor functioned so differently from X86 PC's that it effectively sucked developers AWAY from programming for PC games, while also being incredibly difficult to optimize and write code for. With the current generation of consoles and now this new generation upcoming, we are basically seeing the breaking down of the barrier separating consoles from PC's (with the PS5 seemingly little more than an optimized Zen 2 APU with a Navi IGP) and that will create a situation where developers will be developing games that function basically the same on both PC and console.

It looks as if we are finally seeing the end of PC ports (again, correct me if I am wrong) and that is definitely something to applaud, even if you hate consoles and are full-on PC Master Race...

I don't know where you came up with part of this but i suggest you go fact checking a little bit more. PS3 was roughly 230GFLops, a 8800GT (a entry high level card) had 330 GFLops alone...PS3 was already at it maximum years before its EoL. Consoles, as someone already said, are nothing more than laptop hardware in terms of potential, that's how they keep down the costs for those things, and that's why many of them fail, highly stressed PSUs, poorly dissipated heat, and so on. Consoles, after PS2 years (maybe included PS2) kept going worse in terms of reliability and potential for the years the came out. Hell my 1060 has as much raw power as a ps4 pro...There's a reason why consoles' launch costs are those of a low-mid pc.

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I can totally see APUs replacing dedicated GPUs for most gamers in the future. I recently had to switch from a GTX 980 4770k system to just a 2200G. I overclocked the hell out of it and the ram, and got amazing results. Really wasn’t all that different once you were actually playing the game instead of counting pixels.

The performance still isn’t there yet, mainly due to memory bandwidth constraints, but with HBM or potentially DDR5, it could alleviate these concerns. I know that dedicated GPUs will still exist as a higher powered part, but I believe that with next gen APUs they will be good enough for most people.

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Quote: Originally Posted by clonxy View Post
Watched first 5 minutes of video... compared gpu chips to listening to the radio... HAHAHAHAHA

This guy obviously doesn't know anything about how much gamer's care about frame rates. We simply don't want to own one and be happy to play... We want to play and be the best and have the best performance.

While GPU's are getting more expensive by the day. That's only the higher end GPU's. I still have my GTX 970 from 2014 and it's still doing very well for most of the games I play today.
I like how you transitioned from "...and have the best performance" to "I still have my GTX 970" with a single sentence. I understand your point but consoles are a perfect solution for someone who can be content with 4 year old midrange performance.

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I like the part where he says APU's will surpass dedicated graphics in performance.

I guess it should be obvious that APU's will be more powerful as when you take a graphics chip, remove it from a dedicated board with its own robust power delivery and memory, and then stick it on the same package as a CPU where it has to share power delivery and memory access/have less dedicated memory, it becomes more performances.

Good video, this guy is maybe actually from the future. Adored and him both actually.

I hope more complete BS clickbait YouTube videos make it into the news column here. WCCF and Videocardz are good, but they don't have conspiracy laden commentary from a guy with an accent- this is necessary for anything to be true.

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Yeah I'm pretty sure the PS5 is getting Zen+ (Ryzen 2) cores, and Navi. As Zen 2 is not even 100% yet, and Sony seems to want to get their console out first. The Next Xbox on the other hand seems to be getting Zen 2 (Ryzen 3) and Navi as well. Probably bigger GPU. MS is probably paying well for it, and they can afford to do so. But Sounds like they will have more than a single option at launch. A PS5 Equal and then a even faster console.

This should be a nice boost for console gamers, last time a Console got as close to high end gaming specs The Xbox 360 launched. As you gotta remember the Xbox 360 came before Nvidia's 8000 series.... Not a lot of people had a computer faster than a Xbox 360 when that dropped, and nothing from that era held up as well as the 360 did. The 360 wrote the book on how to do a modern gaming console.

PS3 came after the 8000 series, and spent half of its life with games looking noticeably worse than the 360. And other than a handful of exclusives, the console never really beat out the 360 in multiplat games in performance or looks. A Prime example of why a fancy CPU that offloads workloads from a GPU, but super complex just never works out right. Hell the only time that ever worked was the PS2, but that had a huge lead on the competition. The Gamecube and Original Xbox didn't hit the market till around 2 years later.

I just don't see the Original PS4 going away any time soon regardless. The PS4 Pro was Meh, and a waste of money IMO. I don't see exclusives not getting PS4 releases any time soon. I will keep on with the PS4 until they no longer push out the exclusives on I want to play on that system.

The Xbox 1X on the other hand is more pointless for a PC gamer for me, as the exclusives seem to be coming to the PC as well. But the Controller and experience is much better, And is a hands down better HD system than the PS4 Pro. And Xbox 2 will no doubt be the same. A better Console for multiplats. But lacks the exclusive content. Honestly wish the PS4 Exclusives would come to PC as well.

The Nintendo Switch is still the best console to come out Ever!
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get ready for consoles that start pushing $999.

R.I.P. Zawarudo, may you OC angels' wings in heaven.
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I believe the original Xbox had pretty competitive specs compared to the PCs of the day. It was better than my gaming PC at the time.

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Quote: Originally Posted by lowstrife View Post
I think his main thesis on APU's is that from a power standpoint. To move information off the CPU requires exponentially more power than actually performing the calculation. The closer you get the GPU to the CPU, the better.

Now you do have to make tradeoffs by doing this, and historically APU's have always been underpowered compared to the monolithic stand-alone CPU + GPU... But we'll see. It shall be quite interesting.
Bandwidth between the CPU and the GPU hadn't been a real problem. While it does add lag between the two, it is width enough to allow those massive GPUs to do their work.
An iGPU as powerful as dGPU is still something impossible for now considering the heat and size of the GPUs. To get an iGPU as powerful as a dGPU, it will need to be almost as big, and it will require way more than your standard water-cooling solution for a CPU to be able to handle so much heat just from the GPU core itself.

The benefits of a specialised APU like the PS or the xbox have, is the fact that they are not constrained to broad APIs. Their APIs can be direct machine based and be extremely optimised for their solutions, with a very specific set of rules that allow better utilisation.

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I absolutely can not stand this guy. I've watched more than a handful of his videos and he goes on and on about how dedicated graphics cards will eventually go away "just like the sound blaster audio cards". Well, guess what. I have a ZxR Sound Blaster card that gives much better audio than crap integrated solutions.

To me, this guy isn't a PC enthusiast. He says that APUs will eventually replace dedicated graphics cards. Sure I have no doubt APUs with Navi 20 chiplets will probably compete well with graphics cards in the $150 and under range but there's no fundamental way a APU can compete with potential powerdraw of 300W from a dedicated graphics card. Whatever efficiencies that are applied to APUs can then be applied to dedicated graphics cards and you'd just get two or three times the performance. There's no way an APU can push 4K 120hz within the next several years. Hell, I doubt we'll get that many dedicated graphics cards that can even do that. Let alone ray tracing.

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