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Originally Posted by Aeolus
You could find one that is just as good for like 100 bucks less if you look hard enough.

I can't seem to find anything wrong with the ones here. Maybe X can but i can't. They also cost like 120 less.

link not working, yeah i have also been searching around, LG and Acer are pretty fairly priced name brand LCD's .The way i have been looking at it, coz as X said u don't wanna hurt your wallet. for a decent 17" you should pay around $300 for a 19" around $400 then the prices for anything bigger is just LOL. if u find anything nice post, maybe i can steal some ideas from you, so far i have in mind 17" Acer AL1714CB that has a 14ms response time, 19" AL1912b
16ms, 19" BenQ FP931 this has DVI and 16ms, LG1710SK 16ms. all these i found at www.newegg.com. call me foolish, but i when i buy things from them, i like to buy items with lots of reviews, and if you see a recurring problem then stay away. goodluck

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