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Crossover 44K UHD LED 40 Inch Monitor?

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Saw this monitor over at Amazon - link. Seems to be selling for £360($540) on Korean sites - link. Any opinions on it? smile.gif
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So I just ordered a Crossover 44k from Amazon earlier today. I spent the last couple days pondering my final decision to order one after doing as much research as possible (of which I will go into detail on later in this post).. I swore to myself time and time again that I would never play test pilot when it comes to new electronics, especially ones from Korea that I cannot easily return if something goes wrong. But,, given the specs and the fact that I am in the market for a new 4k monitor I couldn't pass up the price at $734.28 (expedited shipping). I had been eyeballing the Seiki Pro 40U4SEP-G02 since it was first talked about fall 2014 and was hoping to get one, as they were released a couple weeks ago. Unfortunately Seiki wants $1000 for them and that is just too rich for my blood. I expected to see a price point more around the $700-$800 mark.

When I research something like this Crossover 44k that is just hitting the US markets, I know that there will be extremely limited information. So before you read further please note that as far a tech specs like panel brand and color and contrast quality we're simply not there yet, however.. Fortunately I have actually owned a Crossover monitor before (30Q5 Pro) and it was surprisingly well built and performed virtually flawlessly so I have a leg up I guess you'd say as far as dealing with Crossover monitors. They are based in Seoul South Korea and my last experience ordering from them through Ebay took a little longer then expected but they responded to emails within 24-48 hours and tried to be as helpful as possible.

Research and the three major things I would consider with the Crossover 44K>

1. It states clearly in the Amazon and Newegg descriptions this- "Caution: This monitor has huge pixels, and 4~6 DEAD PIXELS are NORMAL from manufacturer". Meaning that its probably using an A- or B grade panel. My 30Q5 Pro used an A- Grade LG IPS panel and I guess I was lucky because I only had one stuck pixel that was in the lower right corner and hard to notice. If you aren't firmiliar, that simply means that the panel manufacturer (whomever that is in this case) tests all the panels coming off the factor line and grade them in to categories. The A- panels are usually just not quite perfect enough to sell to major companies like Apple, Vizio, Sony etc. The panels deemed as A- are sold to companies like Crossover and other overseas electronics companies at a huge savings and that savings gets handed down to us. So you're gambling a little here. You could get lucky with maybe a little backlight bleed or unlucky with 6 bad pixels. I also find it strange that it says- "This monitor has HUGE pixels". If its 4K as advertised then the pixels should not be "HUGE",, they should be fairly small, even for a 40 inch display. Probably the #1 consideration when ordering this monitor.

2. Shipping and Packaging.. My 30Q5 Pro box showed up damaged. Coming from South Korea means lots of loading and unloading. Luckily, the monitor itself was not damaged badly. A small ding on the frame with no damage to the screen so not worth the return process. Having said that and knowing the risks, I contacted Amazon Customer Service before ordering this today and they do indeed offer full support for this item if something goes terribly wrong. The gentleman from Amazon told me that they would contact BIZBUY INTERNATIONAL (the seller in this case) and make sure the item was replaced or my money was refunded if need be. Customer pays for return shipping however.

3. I read this in the description and its confusing.. "Maximum resolution: 3840 x 2160 @ 60Hz (with DP, 60Hz model select required)"
The part that confuses me its where it says- "60Hz model select required" Does that mean that there is a different Crossover 44k model available that has full 4K @ 60Hz support and this isn't the right one!? or,, does that simply mean that you have to make a menu selection to make it run in 4K @ 60Hz or,, is it simply a typo that should say "with DP, 60Hz mode select required"?? Confusing huh!! I am hoping its just poorly worded because there aren't any other Crossover 44k models available for sale on Amazon or anywhere else for that matter.

So in conclusion and having weighed all my options, this is still by far the least expensive 40 inch 4K @60Hz dedicated computer monitor available to the US markets right now. At less than $735 including expedited shipping to the US, I simply could not resist the temptation to play guinea pig with the 44k. The next best option is over $275 more in the Seiki Pro. When it shows up and I get a couple days of testing under my belt I will post my results and some screenshots. Sorry if I couldn't find the information you were hoping for but I do hope that the info I provided helped you a little!

Happy hunting smile.gif
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That uses an MVA panel right? I'd say it's worth the risk at that price smile.gif

You probably won't get much backlight bleed since it's a VA panel, so dead pixels are the main thing to worry about. Like you said, it's a crapshoot... A lot of people get dead-pixel free monitors, but nobody really knows the odds.

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All I know so far is that it is some type of VA. Hopefully AMVA+ with "Flicker Free" technology. The Philips BDM4065UC is the other 40 inch 4K @ 60Hz (39.56 inch or 100.5cm to be exact) that I didn't mention in my first post. It uses a panel manufactured by TP Vision whom are affiliated with TPV Tech and Philips. So its basically Phillips through and through. According to the specs listed on Amazon for the Crossover 44k in comparison, they are both listed as 100.5cm panels with a semi gloss coating. So HOPEFULLY, Crossover is using the same panel because after taking about an hour to read this post: , It would be a very impressive display.
I strongly recommend reading that post I suggested. TONS of useful information. I am currently in a email conversation with BIZBUY INTERNATIONAL (the seller of my Crossover 44k) and I asked them if they know who manufactures the panel.. I will post and update as soon as I hear back!


IT IS INDEED the Philips (TP Vision) Panel. Just heard back from BIZBUY INTERNATIONAL. So that link I just put up is all you need to read!

Now im reeealy excited!! WOOHOO!!
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The Phillips and Seiki verions of this the panel both seem to have PWM. Since Crossover is advertising flicker free, it will interesting to see how they implemented this. Hopefully it is via backlight voltage - otherwise contrast is going to suck. Given the price of this panel, I am also very interested in it.
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Super interested in this monitor--the price point is pretty sweet.

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Here is another link

This is Crossovers official website and the link is directly to the Crossover 44k.
It has the best pictures ive seen so far and even though its mostly in Korean, you
will get the idea.
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I think that what they mean by caution this monitor has huge pixel Is lost in translation kind of. They probably mean it has a massive amount of pixels given resolution and size? That in turn means potentially dead or stuck pixels of a small amount?

I am interested in this monitor as well. Hmmm would like to compare it to my seiki 39inch. The 60hz 4k is nice and the 120hz/144hz is also nice but I wonder if it frame skips.
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I plan on posting a comprehensive review when mine shows up and I have a couple of evenings to test everything. Im about 50/50 gamer and general use so I will try to touch all the bases.
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