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Need Help Narrowing Monitor Choices

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Need Help Narrowing Monitor Choices

I currently have a Dell UltraSharp U3216Q for a few reasons over the super-fast 1080p/1440p and reasonably-fast 21:9 screens that were popular choices for gaming. At that time, I was working from home and using my PC for photo and video work so real estate, color accuracy, and display uniformity were important.

Today, that's changed and I'm mainly using my PC for general office/internet work and gaming when I have time. Since my UltraSharp was damaged recently, it feels like the right time to start looking for a replacement.

Two Caveats: The monitor must be available at Micro Center (since many of these have QC issues) and it must have GSync

Here's my short list:

27" 1440p IPS 144Hz

I can get either of these for $599. I would lose approximately half of my current screen real estate and 5" diag of screen size. Not that I couldn't do it but I think it would take some getting used to. I've gotten accustomed to 'spreading out' on the 4K (I use 100% scaling). Also I have some concerns about the number of owners complaining about IPS Glow/BLB issues. I don't think it would bother me that much unless it was extreme.

32" IPS 4K 60Hz

This one is a great deal at $699. Similar to my Dell but with GSync and a better response time. I run a 1080Ti and a lot of games I play, 60Hz is attainable so I don't know that I would often enjoy the benefit of GSync. I'm also a little concerned that to adhere to the current practice of GSync usage (NVCP VSync on, GSync on, and RTSS limiting a few frames below max refresh) that I would actually end up with 57-58Hz to avoid the input lag of traditional VSync.

32" VA 1440p 144Hz

My MC is out of stock but if they had it, I would pay $599. This one is intriguing because I could keep my large screen but have the benefits of 144Hz. My only real concern here is the ppi is low and I would have to rely much more on post-processing to keep things smooth looking. 4K does this to a large degree naturally due to its very high ppi.

You'll notice I left out 21:9 screens. The main reason being cost and the lack of support for games; especially some the older ones I like to play at times.

I am seeking general advice on the models listed above and suggestions for any models which I may have overlooked.

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I don't know if your nearest MC has them, but the XG2703-GS and AG271QG are the 2 other AHVA alternatives, except they have gamma controls (in fairly rough steps). The PG279Q and XB271HU don't, so that can be a consideration. Considering the PG279Q has no redeeming features (worse construction for BLB than the XB271HU), perhaps it would be a good idea to dismiss it as an option.

60Hz is... fine, depending on whom you ask. I wouldn't limit the entirety of my gaming experience to it, but the degree to which it impacts your enjoyment is very subjective. So, you know...

The Z321QU is a VA monitor, which means it will be the slowest in some transitions by a fairly large degree. It will make some scenes somewhat blurry, but probably seldom enough that you wouldn't be bothered too much by it. It also largely depends on who's looking.

It's hard to suggest anything because LCD is a pick-your-poison technology. I made my choice by going with AHVA and glow (BLB is unnoticeable on my unit with a 6500K lamp behind it).

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I'm in similar situation.

I am coming from this: Acer XB270H 27-inch

And, testing out: Acer Predator Z321QU 31.5-inch

and: Asus PG279Q 27"

Costs for both are $599 at the local Microcenter so no difference there.

It's 27" IPS vs 31.5 curved VA basically. Both have advantages and disadvantages, I know neither are gonna be perfect.

The IPS has amazing colors, and I swapped a couple units to get one with minimal backlight bleed, but of course it still has the IPS glow in the corners a little bit.

The VA is big but has some yellowing on pure white backgrounds on the right curve, a known thing. The curve is much cooler than I thought and the size is silly immersive but the response time is a little slower than IPS in "real life" and the colors aren't quite as good, but the contrast/black level is very good. There is a bit more motion blur with the VA as well.

It comes down to color/response vs contrast/curved size on the plus sides and IPS glow/contrast vs white color uniformity/motion blur on the negative.

I keep going back and forth and then there is the LG 32GK850G to consider but they are sold out at the local Fry's so I can't try it out.

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I finally settled this.

I checked out the Z321QU in-store and while I think it strikes a compelling blend of high-speed and large-size, 1440p over 31.5" resulted in pixels a little too large for me; especially coming from the crispness of 4K at that same screen-size.

Micro Center suggested I try the XB271HU to see how I felt about the 'downgrade' to 27" 1440p. I didn't bother overclocking it to 165Hz but at the native 144Hz it was liquid-buttery smooth. I can see why FPS fans go for these. For what it's worth, my particular example had some IPS glow but nothing beyond what I've seen in other 'gaming' monitors. I was satisfied with the overall quality.

Going back to desktop and attempting some routine work is what killed it for me. I went from 1900x1200 to 2560x1600 to 3840x2160 over the years because I prefer one large, high-resolution screen over low-resolution multiples. It was a very claustrophobic experience.

That left the XB321HK. The first one I brought home had IPS glow in the lower-right corner that I felt was over the threshold of acceptable so I swapped it for another example. So far so good other than an odd flashing at POST and wake.

At the end of the day, I am not a super competitive FPS player. I game casually and when I do it's not necessarily FPS. While I wholeheartedly admit that high speed IS noticeable and advantageous in certain game genres, I wasn't willing to trade real-estate to get it.

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My "problem" is I want 1440 at 31.5 with Gsync and I believe I only have two choices the curved Acer and the LG. I would love 4k, but I want games to run in the 90-120 fps zone with all bells and whistles turned on, I'm more of an immersion gamer over competitive although I do enjoy Battlefield here and there.

I get the LG today to check out, but I did bring the Acer back to the store. Main issues where, A/B'ing with the Asus PG279Q the colors were definitely more washed out and the larger pixels made the overall image of course not as sharp or crisp looking, so image quality took a hit. Plus there was some yellow splotching on the right side in the curve that you could see on white backgrounds, it was subtle but there. Lastly the perceived motion blur when panning the camera in games was more noticeable on the Acer Z321QU.

I am hoping the LG 32GK850G alleviates some of these issues because what I did really like was the size, it was really immersive and just fun to play games on. I kind of went back and forth on the curve, it was my first experience with a curved monitor. At times I found it helping, others times distracting, I think over time I could have gotten used to it. I had it set back about 27-28" from my face, as opposed to around the around 23" I have my 27".

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