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Problems with my new LG 32UD99, why? And what should I replace it with?

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Problems with my new LG 32UD99, why? And what should I replace it with?

I've needed a new monitor for ages but I've been waiting for the LG 32UL950 which kept getting delayed for eons.

Then a bunch of reviews said the 950 wasn't very good. said that the 32UD99 was better than the 950.

I believed they had a trustworthy analysis so I decided to buy a 32UD99 based on the consensus of bad reviews of the 950, and the good reviews of the UD99, and because of the recommendation from

But that turned out to have been a bad decision. I've been using my new UD99 about 2 weeks now, and I noticed some big problems with it:

1. Backlight bleeding. Whenever a scene is totally black at the corner sections, and also when I am booting up my computer, my eyes are awash in large blobs of yellow light covering huge areas which branch out from all 4 corners of the screen. However, I was willing to live with this since I've resigned myself to the idea that no display technology is perfect.

2. Very noticeable overshoot halos if I set the response time setting to "Fastest." I briefly had an LG 27UK650 which also had this exact same problem. So I expected it might happen again on the UD99, and I was willing to live with that too if it did.

3. White text bleeds color into the surrounding areas. For example, any youtube "Subscribe" button has those letters in white, inside of a red box. On my screen, that box is practically glowing, and the whiteness of the text seems to be merging all over the redness of the box. I am probably not describing this phenomenon properly, so hopefully someone understand what I mean? If so, why is this happening?

4. When black text scrolls across a white background, the text is extremely shaky & blurry and un-solid and rapidly flickering, and for those reasons, barely legible & uncomfortable to look at. The same thing also happens if I scroll down webpages or MS Word documents (but the flickering is much less dramatic if it is not white text scrolling on a black background, or vice versa...but it's still present with any color combination). Changing the response time of the monitor to any of its possible settings has zero effect on this problem. This is something that I do not think I can live with. My ancient TN panel does not have any of those defects whatsoever. On my TN panel, the text always looks fully-solid regardless of what color is over what other color, and/or if it is scrolling.

5. The same problem as point 4 is also equally applicable when white text scrolls across a black background. This I also do not think I can live with. Moreover, when white text appears stationary on a black background, the same kind of color bleeding as I described in point 3 also occurs in that case too.

So, I'm thinking to send back this UD99 for a refund. But if I do, then I'm still left with the problem that I won't have a new monitor even though I desperately need one.

And I have no idea what else to buy.

As a result of reading these forums, I don't trust AUO panels. I also briefly had a BenQ PD3200U with an AUO panel, which was absolutely horrible. It had a red dead pixel, and also it looked like a strobe light was flashing up and down the background plane of the monitor constantly. I returned that monitor on the same day I received it. Yet I bought it in the first place because it came highly recommended to me after I sought advice online.

So, I have no idea who to trust as to what is a good monitor for me to buy. It seems like the 'reputable' recommendations have been steering me quite wrong so far.

Another problem I have is that there seems to be very slim pickings for potential choices that can fulfill what I want, which is:

31.5 - 32 inches (I'm adamantly not interested in anything smaller, nor bigger).
No curve.
IPS panel.
Decent for word processing, watching movies, and playing video games. I don't need more than 60Hz though; when I say decent for playing games, I just mean, doesn't have ghosting or things like that which I would notice while playing a game.

However, if no IPS panel can avoid the defects which my 32UD99 has, then I will go with a VA panel instead. I might be willing to tolerate some backlight bleeding on an IPS and some overshoot, but I really don't want any of the other defects which I've listed in points 3 - 5 above.

Can any of you please tell me:

1. Why, exactly, does my 32UD99 have the problems which I've described? Are those defects specific to LG, or do all IPS panels have those defects?

2. What on earth can I buy which will be a good monitor that fulfills the criteria I listed? What are my best possible choices?

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That's IPS glow which is common and unavoidable. Not good for playing poorly lit games in a dark room. Tell me, why do you want an IPS monitor? VA panels are plenty good enough are are better suited for games than IPS if deeper blacks matter, but they exhibit an artifact known as ghosting which is probably hat you're seeing when you scroll text.

"White text bleeds color into the surrounding areas." 4:4:4 chroma selected in your graphics options (and not 4:2:2)? What cable are you using, I think we can be pretty sure it's not VGA? but it definitely sounds like a chroma issue.

IMO "word processing, movies, and games" don't require an IPS panel and unless you are doing things like editing photos or doing color critical work, IPS is really unnecessary. Your best bet if you want good colors that come as close to IPS is a VA monitor that is 10 bit or (8 bit + FRC)
Well here's a 4K monitor on sale from B&H photo.

It's on sale all over the internet along with other ones.

A highly rated monitor is the Samsung U32H750 which is QLED "Quantum dot"

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BLB is visible from 3m distance as at that distance glow is minimal.
At close/regular usage distance you will see both BLB and glow.

OD calibration... read multiple reviews and user reports.

Color bleeding, again same as above. Never seen on this on any monitor yet but rtings does test it. Probably more of an issue on TVs with reduced chroma resolution. Could be rough matter coating or manufacturing issue of some layer if you're getting bleed of everything everywhere.

Flickering? Do you mean low refresh? Or backlight strobing? Or missed/skipped frames? Maybe your connection is unstable.

There are probably not that many 4k 31.5" panels to begin with. Choose a panel you want and then find monitors that have it.
I would not bother with 31.5" VA unless you plan to use it as TV and sit 2m away.
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Thanks for trying to help.

Why I want an IPS is because I want the best colors possible (except that I don't want OLED because I hate the potential for burn in with them, and I can't afford them anyway).

Most of the stuff in your guys' posts is going over my head though. I don't know what my chroma settings are, but they should be at their defaults since I haven't changed them before. Is that in Windows settings, or Nvidia control panel?

I'm so confused. No what matter 32 inch 4k monitor I research, every single one of them seems to have problems with it. I thought 32UD99 wouldn't, because the people on the internet all say it's great.

But the one I have is terrible.

An example of what I mean about the flickering, if I play this video:

The white text that scrolls over the bottom which says "Breaking News: Stress Spelled Backwards is Desserts," all the letters flicker like mad. It's looks as if someone is flashing a really powerful strobe light across the letters. They are very uncomfortable to look at.

Or if I watch a live stream like this:

...when they put up a yellow background with black text scroll which scrolls across it, there are splotchy dots that appear above the black letters.

Another problem is that there are often brown, circular-ish streaks that often randomly appear while I'm watching videos. They kind of look like the rings inside of tree bark (except the ones on my screen appear in semi-circle patterns). I believe the marks I'm talking about are not part of the videos themselves, but rather my monitor is failing to display parts of them properly for some reason.

All the problems which I've just mention happen even if my monitor's hardware setting is set to "Fast" in the response time. And in addition to that, setting the response time to Fast also adds light halos around all the letters (which I was told is Overshoot when I inquired about this same defect in regards to the different 27 inch LG monitor which I used to have). This overshoot problem is also very annoying, but not as much as the other problems. And at least I can get the Overshoot problem to stop being noticeable if I change the response time to anything lower than "Fast." But that has no effect on the other problems.

So now I have no idea what to do. I have had this monitor for about two weeks, and I have 30 days from when I bought it in which to return or exchange it. But I don't want to exchange it if the next one I get is going to have these exact same problems.

And if I return it, then I have no idea what else to buy, as all my other options seem to be horrible. When I look up Dell Ultrasharp, I find videos like this which prove they suck:

If I look to Acer, then I find stuff like this:

and this...

and this...

and this...

...which are horrifying.

As far as I can tell, Eizo seems to be one of the only companies that takes their products seriously and doesn't sell products that have defects like which I'm discussing in this thread. But I can't afford an Eizo.

The next-best thing seems to be Asus ProArt (if what I can glean from the internet is correct, which knowing my luck, it probably isn't). But Asus ProArt monitors are also way out of my budget range. Just to get a PA32UC would me $3051 CAD after taxes. Whereas my 32UD99 cost me about $1241 CAD after taxes.

In addition to all the aforementioned problems, I also bought an i1 Display Pro calibration tool and calibrated my monitor with DisplayCal software. After doing that, the colors on this 32UD99 still don't seem that great. To me they seem quite mediocre. This is another thing that is completely contrary to everything I've read/watched online, all of which said that the 32UD99 has amazing colors.

I very much feel like I'm up the creek without a paddle here.

Is it really an impossible task to buy a 32 inch 16:9 4K IPS monitor, that isn't terrible, for a semi-reasonable price?

If it is possible to do that, then you can please recommend for me some problem-free monitors that I can consider buying which won't have the problems attached to them that I'm discussing here?

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Indeed all suck basically.. think it because of going from direct backlight to edge led. Making thin monitors comes at a cost.
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Well, since no good solutions are forthcoming, right now I'm thinking I'll probably have to send my 32UD99 back for a refund, and then revert back to using my old ancient monitor which is quite defective and which also can't even display many modern games properly. But in some ways it's better to do that than for me to shell out over $1K CAD for a a sub-par & highly flawed new monitor that I don't like and am not happy with.

How long will I have to hold out until a good 32 inch 16:9 4K IPS monitor is released (and for a decent price)?

I read that Acer will be releasing a new replacement for the XB321HK in the Fall. Is that true? If so, should I hold out for that?

Is there any other new monitor on the horizon that I could hold out for and that will then solve my problems if I hold out for it?

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I was also trying to decide between the LG 32UD99-W, Dell U3219Q, Philips 326M6VJRMB, Asus CG32UQ and Asus ProArt PA32UC (which is much cheaper than the PA32UCX).
Which of these monitors is better?
What about the LG34WK95U?
I don't mind color accuracy.
I just want no bleeding, high contrast ratio and good resolution. Having no ghosting would be a also nice.

If none of them worth spending that money I will wait for new incoming monitors, maybe something 4K and 144Hz.

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I briefly had the Dell U3219Q and noticed how 4k is demanding and the lack of Freesync really showed tearing (maybe it was the old processor that made problems?), which I barely had with my old Dell U2711 (1440p). The main issue with the Dell was noticeable yellow light bleeding, so noticeable that it falsified darker colours around that area in normal use. I returned it, because of these two reasons.

Then I bought the LG 32UD99-W (still using for about 5 months now). The thing about this LG:

Light Bleeding - I was very surprised how little light bleed it has. Really only few small spots in the bottom right, that are only noticeable when I view a full black picture in a dark room. It is obvious, and also confirmed by other people, that it is a matter of luck (so called "panel lottery").

Ghosting - The ghosting/trailing seems worse than my old Dell U2711. Didn't like it, but since I don't play console games on it (where you have those slower smooth turns), but use a mouse (fast turns and lock on area), I kind of got used to it and don't notice it really during gaming (old monitor had it, too, it's just I don't recall it being a problem, so it was either the same or less). Watching film and operating OS I see no ghosting effects.

Black Background - The black background is much better with the LG 32UD99-W compared to the Dell U3219Q. Dell looked like gray in comparison. It is not great, but I expected much worse and was glad it turned out good. Rtings confirmed the better black on the LG as well.

Two main issues I don't like about the LG 32UD99-W:

Background Glow - Background glow is massive around corners (not the yellow colour bleed, but that background shine that goes away if you look at those areas from a straight angle). Was a tough one, but I play games and barely notice it anymore and I do play in a room with dimmed lights in the evenings. I still notice it if the game is very dark, but it is not as much a deal breaker as I thought it would be.

My old Dell U2711 didn't had that, so that is a clear devolution in panel technology, which was a great disappointment and shock (because after 10 years using the Dell I expected to get better tech for the same price, instead it turned out worse). Screw you LG. I don't buy into the whole "panel size is the reason" argument. LG has near monopoly in the panel business and that is why the customer has to accept that nonsense at inflated prices. I tried the newest Dell 27" with a Samsung panel and it was horrendous.

Freesync Partial - As Rtings concluded it works only partially. So it does work, but sometimes tearing re-appears. There is a "clock demo" you can download from Nvidia, that allows you to test Freesync (and G-Sync I guess) and Freesync works 100% if you lower the FPS, but then the motions become less smooth. Man, I rather have tearing but higher FPS (smoother motions). This whole Freesync thing is odd when it starts to sacrifice FPS to resolve tearing, while tearing is the lesser issue compared to lower FPS... What the heck.

However, the tearing on the Dell U3219Q (no Freesync) was often massive in Deus Ex Mankind Divided, Star Citizen, etc. That is why I concluded that 4k needs any kind of monitor based Sync technology, which 1440p 27" doesn't, because I didn't have much issue with the two 27" Dell's that I tried (my old and the new one that I returned).

In other word, Freesync does work, but partially. Disappointing (given the price), but acceptable. Also if you have an Nvidia card, Nvidia supports Freesync only on Windows 10, so I had to teeth grindingly switch to Windows 10.

Regarding picture quality - I heard that a cheap cable can cause issues (I only use Display Port, since this is all that my RTX2080 has), that is why I went ahead and bought a quality VESA certified 4k DP cable (needed a longer cable than the one that was shipped). So in case you have not tried the cable that is shipped with the monitor, try it first.

The issues I had with the picture quality was that if you activate Freesync from the quick menu, it switches your display mode into a gamer profile, which adds sharpness and all sorts of nonsense to the mix, which had horrendous effects on the visual quality in the game and OS (looked like blur, chromatic aberration [the blue/red outlines] and pixellation, screw you LG and your "kool gamer profilez"). I though the monitor was defective. I figured it out eventually and adjusted the custom colour mode (now I use "Photo", because it has the best visual quality and temperature in my opinion). The Picture Mode setting gives you various colour outputs, so I would tweak around that to get the best result.

I enjoy the way things look now, fantastic colours, very sharp 4k picture (almost like anti-aliasing). If not for the background glow, it would have been a fantastic monitor. If it then also had 100% Freesync support and less ghosting, it would have been a nearly perfect monitor. Then again, the background glow is an "industry standard" now...

Basically, try to tweak colour profile settings and try a good cable. For the light bleed issue, if it is severe, only option is to RMA and hope for better luck next time (which sucks I know, I consider myself lucky I spent only a month with my ancient VGA TN monitor, before finally setting for the LG). The background glow and imperfect Freesync need to be accepted, but I doubt you will find anything better.

If I didn't need a monitor also for content creation and design, I would have probably decided to go for the Acer Predator XB321HK. Looks like it has nearly identical specs, but also has G-Sync and was cheaper at that time.

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