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Been there done that. Their line specifically states in psuedo-English that they don't support their stuff. Classy.

I've also replaced my RAM to some dual Corsair Dominator at 1066 MHz and the problem persists. I think it may be related to my case or AC'97/HD Audio something-or-the-other. In either case, lemme post something useful by my thread on the abit forums. Keep in mind I haven't tried this yet, but searching for Pin07 does pull up similar entries:


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Re: Realtek HD Audio Manager - Universal Jack (Retasking) - IP35 Pro XE
Not easy to post here nowadays, luckily I found and remembered the password to my old account

Anyways, I'm fairly sure your board is fine, I'm having the same issue on my IP35-Pro (although non-XE), where I get a notification that something has been plugged in, but never a popup asking me what. (Running vista x64 sp1)

I have, however, found out where the mappings are saved in the registry and as such been able to sort of work around the issue.

1. For me, the mappings are saved in: "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\\SYSTEM\\CurrentControlSet\\Co ntr ol\\Class\\{4D36E96C-E325-11CE-BFC1-08002BE10318}\\0000\\Settings\\DevType_0888_SS147b 108 3"

2. binary keys that I have identified are:
"Pin01" = rear black-coded "RR RL" jack
"Pin07" = front green-coded "headphone" jack

3. hex values identified:
"00 00 00 00" = Line-in
"01 00 00 00" = Mic-in
"02 00 00 00" = headphones
"04 00 00 00" = Front speakers
"05 00 00 00" = Rear speakers
"06 00 00 00" = Center/subwoofer
"07 00 00 00" = Side speakers

For me, retasking/mapping the rear audiojack (RR RL) to front speakers was enough and all I wanted to do.

After changing the registry I had to reboot for the settings to take effect, there's probably a more elegant way to do it via some dll, but that'll take more time than I'm willing to spend

Anyways, hope it's of some help.

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