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ife you are looking for a CRT monitor search your paper or online for a ad with several computers and call them ask them if they have monitors
or look in the yellow pages for pc surplus

in my home town of phoenix i have a good source for cheap pcs ...
my friends tend to ask me for help on there computers if they need a replacement for cheap i send them to this guy...
i picked up my monitor from him its a philips 17" max resolution of 1600x1200 at 72hz i got this one because it has 5wire inputs as well as vga...
this allows me to hook up to some of the AV stuff that i use at work...
but the 5wire is a good indication of a high end monitor
5wire is 5 bnc blugs on the back ,, it has seperate inputs for
red green blue horizontal and virtical syncs...
i got mine for 25 bucks it proll used to cost 300+ when it came out
also most used monitors will still last for a long time
not to many people have seen a monitor die
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