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Complete Overclocking Guide: Sandy Bridge & Ivy Bridge | *ASRock Edition*

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Hiya! After waiting for 8y I thought it was about time to start overclocking my system. Although I have an 3570k I never had the need to overclock it until now. Thanks for the great guide. I am happily typing from my now stable [email protected],4Ghz * Vcore = -0,025V * Turbo Boost = +0,004V * No PLL * Temp = max 80°C *

The only thing I am still a bit confused about is the OC between Vcore and Turbo Boost. Haven't found the satisfying answer yet on wich is more stable? The guide talks about the 'sky is the limit' but what about fine-tuning.
For me 4,4Ghz was the max multiplier I could get with +0,004V Turbo Boost. 4,5GHz already needed +0,012V and 4,6Ghz ˃+0,047V.

So lets say I want to stay @4,4GHz. Did I do the right thing with testing the stability while turning down the Vcore (undervolting) to reduce the heatproduction. @-0,025V Vcore 3 of my 4 cores ran 8h of Prime95 without any fault. Only nr.1 got an error (FATAL ERROR: Rounding was 0.5, expected less than 0.4) after about an hour wich could be a glitch or a slight undervolting problem (I could turn up the LLC to level2 for a tad more compensation under load) or I'm either very close to stability.

That being said, the older my Rig becomes, the more I love it ^^ for a 1k pc 8y ago I coudn't be more happy!

BTW are there still peeps here who run these Rigs or have u all been temped with a new AMD update and RTX2080 ^_^
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BTW are there still peeps here who run these Rigs or have u all been temped with a new AMD update and RTX2080 ^_^
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@PatchaG_G :

I used a 3570k until pretty recently. I switched to an R7 2700X. The performance of individual cores between the two doesn't actually feel too different. The difference only really shows up when doing something where the 3570k runs out of threads/cores. In software development work I sometimes see the 2700X go a bit crazy, like compiling some large program that might have took a minute on the 3570k is done in ten seconds on the 2700X.

This Turbo voltage thing is something that's only on ASRock boards. It wasn't a setting on the boards from the other manufacturers. You need to keep that in mind when you check out what other people write about their overclocking: they never saw that Turbo voltage thing, they only had the normal offset voltage setting. When you see people talk about offset voltage, you should translate that in your mind into the Turbo voltage setting. The LLC setting is also something that's confusing when reading what other people write. On ASUS boards, the LLC levels work exactly reversed: on your board LLC 1 is the highest setting, but on ASUS the "1" is the lowest setting. The different boards also have a different amount of LLC levels. Some might for example have 5 and others might have 7. What "LLC 3" then means is a bit different.

Windows can set the CPU to a reduced speed if there's nothing much to do, like when you do boring stuff at the desktop. At that reduced speed, the Turbo voltage is not used, only the normal offset voltage setting is used.

When the CPU is set to run at its normal speed by Windows, then Turbo Boost is active. Your Turbo voltage setting will then get used. The offset voltage setting is also used at the same time, the two settings add up.

There's another thing that can happen in theory (but won't because you seem to be careful and measure things): when your CPU is running at its normal speed and it overheats and hits 105°C, then it will disable Turbo Boost and drop down to its 3.4GHz base clock speed.

About LLC:

I originally thought it's fine to get aggressive with LLC because I thought you can use lower voltage like that, but later learned that it's not good to use the most aggressive LLC setting(s) of the board. There's spikes in the voltage that are too short to show up in measurements. Those spikes are more extreme when using the most aggressive LLC levels and that's where my "you can use lower voltage" idea was wrong because the voltage spikes make things harder to get stable. In reality the voltage in a heavy stress test can be lower and more stable with a less aggressive LLC setting and its larger voltage droop. It's perhaps better to judge things through the temperature in stress tests instead of the voltage numbers. See also what

About errors:

Something you should check out are "WHEA" warnings/errors in the Windows Event Viewer in the "Administrative Events" list. Those would show up for me on my 3570K more easily than errors in prime95. When there were WHEA events, that always meant that the overclock wasn't quite stable. The WHEA events always went away after increasing voltage enough. Sometimes it took quite a bit of an increase to make the WHEA events to go away, like for example +0.02V more voltage. About how that relates to prime95 errors or other crashes: there was always some rare crash/error if I still had WHEA events show up, like an error in prime95 that only showed up after 20 hours of prime95.

Those WHEA events could be quite rare, like only show up once every two weeks, so it was good to look for them regularly. In the Windows Event Viewer, it's possible to set up rules for when an event happens. There's guides somewhere about how to use that to open a window with a message.

The full meaning of "WHEA" is "Windows Hardware Error Architecture".
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Quote: Originally Posted by PatchaG_G View Post
BTW are there still peeps here who run these Rigs or have u all been temped with a new AMD update and RTX2080 ^_^
I was here for my 2500k, then 2600k and then 3770k on extreme4 then on extreme6 MBs. Moved on to 7700k in October of 2018, then 9700k last year. But not for long... my elder son mobo died and fried his 9700k, then during troubleshooting fried my 9700k. So he is buying his Ryzen tomorrow and I'm considering that too, price/performance wise. But kudos to KennyParker1337 for one of the longest living threads on OCN!!! I learned a lot from the people here - and would like to thank all those kind people who helped me, and wish luck to those I managed to give an advise. Again, as I said earlier thank you KP1337 and well done!!!

I am your father?
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I keep it longer
I run my 2500K @4500 since a few years.
Only change was adding memory up to 16GB and GTX1660 Super.
Since all games I play run smooth at fullHD, no need to change.
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Quote: Originally Posted by PatchaG_G View Post
BTW are there still peeps here who run these Rigs or have u all been temped with a new AMD update and RTX2080 ^_^
Just like you, finally decided to play with over clocking after running the rig on stock since Dec 2012. So bought a Hyper 212 and now running at 4.2 stable since a week.

CPU 3570K
Mobo Asrock Extreme4
Ram GSkill DDR3 1600 XMP 10-10-10-30
GPU MSI RTX 2800 Super
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