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Hey dudes i got a little idea here. (Plan on making a faq.)

Well, the idea is if I isolate the wires used for edid. (That anoying firmware in your monitor that tells you wether or not you can set a res. (To bypass it you usaly need to be set manualy in cat control center.))

What the mod does:
When you go to set a res your monitor will no longer have a say in wether or not it wants to be set to that res.

Example: My monitor can easily do 2048x1536 but acording to edid it is only suposed to go as high as 1856x1392.

It's kinda like overclocking your monitor.

I haven't tried it with a dvi connector yet but I did inside a monitor when I was replaceing the video cable of one of my 19" monitors. (I disconnected the wires for edid.)

Ok without further adieu here is how you could try it.

I am not responsible for any damages, you do this at your own risk.
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