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Ok I have talked with a few people and I have some tips here to help folding teams, there not really secrets but they are part of why we lead.

-CPU folding, if you have above a E6420 or above, running at 3.3ghz or above you should be doing this. If you have an AMD 5000x2 @ 3.2ghz or above you should be testing this. I ran two cores of a Q6600 @ 3.4ghz and was averaging around 2600ppd.

-Linux the way to go, for those of us who don't get linux....EDIT: I have used linux and it is not nearly as hard as I had thought, but it was a little rough to get used to, but with the help of Roke and Error10 its all rolling now.
-VMware+ubuntu, there are two versions out there if your not using it your losing 300ppd-600ppd.

So in case I didn't say it clearly, you should be cpu folding, and using vmware ubuntu. Even on chips below E6420's and 5000x2's I would experiment on, remember you only have to beat the 2k cap. My q66 @ 3.4, folding its days would look like this 1920/1920/3840/1920/1920/1920/3840/1920/1920/3840 - Thats 24,960 points or 2496ppd, if you had gpu folded you would have 20,000 points or 2k ppd. So numbers don't lie, cpu fold.

If your running at 3.6ghz or above you can play with the big kids, and if you can go over 3.95ghz your in the land of monsters.

EDIT: One more thing I wanted to add, GPU folding has become more balanced with the cap raised from 2000 points to 2500 points per day. If you have a low card overclock it, core and shaders matter most.

Any questions please post, or pm me if you think I need to update something.

Here is VMware+ubuntu I have used this and know it to rock.
Error10's linux in windows version Haven't used it but can't see anything wrong with it from here.
Not Freds/Jademiners Guide to folding in vmware on a usb stick Heard good things here as well, very compact, doesn't need a gpu/hdd at all.

I want to give a hand and credit to everyone who wrote the above guides as I have no real knowledge of how these things actually work. Also to Rx7racer who originally suggested vmware to me. Onlycodered who showed me how to actually make it all work. To Ranger98 who suggested this guide me made. And Jademiner for making me continue to find the best and fastest way to fold.

EDIT: Hey guys if you have any question on the team comp I would be happy to answer them here. There are no dumb questions, I would love to see more teams, there seems to be quite a few people wanting to fold and not enough wanting to start a team. Or feel free to pm me any questions.

I know this guide is getting a bit cluttered and disorganized, I am working on a major overhual there have been quite a few changes in the last 30 days.

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