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Another Jolly Swagman Mod

OCZ Vendetta 2 / AC Freezer 7 Pro Cooler Bolt Thru Mods

Today I am going to Share with you how I have made my own Custom Bolt Thru Kit Mods for Both the OCZ Vendetta 2 and the AC Freezer 7 Pro CPU HSF Coolers.

First off I already had AC Freezer 7 Pro's on both mine and the Wife's Main Rigs and since now I have a Quad Q6600 in my main Rig, I thought Hey better order myself a better cooler, and Bolt Thru kit seeing that the Temps weren't to bad with the AC7 with a E6550 OC'd @ 3.2Ghz[and fair with the Q6600 @ 3.2Ghz, but could be better with a OCZ Vendetta 2.

So after much Frustration on Ordering the parts, HSF was no problem, but try getting a Bolt thru kit, was so frustrating as no one had any stock and could'nt give me a ETA when they would be in stock

So hence the Idea was to Fabricate My own Bolt Thru Kit myself, and below are the Results of How I Fabricated My own

Tools Used :- Jigsaw , Files , Dril and Bits,
Materials Used :- Old Broken TV Lap Tray( for the Plastic Mounting Plate)
:- 8 x 5/32 Metal Thread Screws
:- 16 x 5/32 Nuts
:- 16 x 5/32 Washers
:- 8 x 5/32 Spring Washers
:- 8 x 3/16 Fibre Washers
:- 8 x Small Rubber Hobby box Case Feet
:- Soft Rubber Stick on Weather Strip

Made a Template for the Mounting Holes of the LGA775 CPU HSF Mount and worked out a Design similar to that of the Xigmatek Crossbow Back plate,

Fabricated Bolt Thru Rear Plate

Drilled and Tapped 5/32 for Metal Tread Screws

Applied the Rubber Weather Strip to the X area of Plate for extra Protection to Motherboard Rear

Screwed the 5/32 Metal Thread Screws into position

Aligned into the Rear of Motherboard LGA775 Mounting Holes and Positioned
( next to the Back plate you can also see the Mounting Screws for the HR-05-IFX North bridge Cooler that was installed at the same time)

Then placed a Fibre Washer onto each of the Mounting Screws and 5/32 Nut to Bolt the Bracket into place

Then I Re-did the AS5 TIM on CPU and Positioned AC-Frezzer 7 on the Bolt Tru Mount and the on each Mounting Screw, Placed 1 Small Rubber Hobby box Case Feet, then the 5/32 washer,,spring washer,,and nut and Diagonally tightened Down

Then Cleaned the Old Residue of TIM from the North Bridge Chip and installed a Bigger NB Heat Sink and 40mmx25mm Fan

Then the Same process for the OCZ-Vendetta 2 HSF and also the HR-05-IFX NB Cooler.

Pictured with 120mm OCZ Vendetta 2 Fan attached and the HR-05-IFX North Bridge Heat Sink with a 70mm x 15mm Intel CPU-HSF from and Old skt370 M/B. ( ahh the wonders of recycling Old Useful parts)

Then just Reinstalled the Motherboard and GPU back into case

Here is a Core Temp Screeny of the Quad [email protected] Stock 2.4Ghz (9x266.67) and 100% Loaded with Running 1xGPU-FAH 2x SMP-FAH

Room Ambient Temp Today was Hot @ 34C Outside was 42C so thats why its not OC'd at the Moment, this week has been on average around 38-42C not good for OC'ing or running [email protected], [email protected]

And here (before someone asks are some PICS) of my New Palit GF9800GT Super +1GB Sonic GPU and it has an Awesome Heat sink set-up too that also cools the Rear Rear of the Ram chips too, Temps when loaded with GPU-FAH client are 44C and 40% fan speed,

Rear Cooling GPU

Here are Some Screanshots of the Q6600 on the GA-G31-S2L M/B and Cooled by the AC-Freezer 7 Pro CPU OC @ 3.0Ghz

The Q6600 is Now proudly in my Main Rig in Sig Below and will post up some OC'd Temp results, when this Summer Heat Cools down a bit, should be cooler in next few days

Some OC Results now that the Weather cooled down just a little @ around 28C

CPU-z Q6600 @ 3.2Ghz (8x400)

CoreTemp @ 100% Load

Hope this has been Informative for you all,, and thanks for looking.

All comments welcomed

Jolly Swagman

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