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Let's see... Where do I get start... I had a dell matx comp for awhile but I took it back home to replace a comp that was pretty out of date. Now I'm missing a comp and thought why not build another one? Of course, I wanted to still keep an matx comp and I recalled the cube marcus had, but I didn't want the same one as his. So I got the V350.

This build will be powered by an E7200 and 4890 and eventually internally watercooled.

The name of this build had inittially come from the cpu block with the Custom Promount that I'll be making to go along with my fuzion as the heart of the rig. However, I've add so much brass that I've changed the name to BrassIe. What does it mean? Ie in Japanese, means house or home. So, it comes out as Brass House or Brass Home.

EDIT: As there are time restraints on this buildlog, I've decided to keep it aircooled for now. It will have water cooling later down the road and I'll update the log accordingly.

Much appreciation and thanks to:
  • marcus000 for helping with the waterjet cutting files
  • fstfrddy for advice on polishing the brass
  • repo_man for critiques and ideas with the HDD cage.

  • Case: Lian Li V350
  • CPU: E7200
  • RAM: 2x 1GB Cell Shock
  • Mobo: DFI JR P-45
  • HDD: SG 7200.10 - 80GB + 640GB
  • GPU: XFX 4890
  • Rad: BI GTX240 -> N/A
  • Pump: DDC3.2 + XSPC DDC Top -> N/A
  • CPU Block: Enzotech Sapphire + Custom Brass Mount -> Intel Stock HeatSink+Custom Mount for Fan
  • GPU Block: D-Tek GFX V2 + iandh Unisink --> Stock GPU Sink Until WC
  • Res: Delrin Aquatube -> N/A

  • Fitting WC Loop Internally -> Temporarily on Hold
  • Custom CPU Block Bracket -> Temporarily on Hold
  • Powder Coat
  • Custom Front and Side Panels
  • Power Switch
  • Custom PSU Wires
  • Sleeving PSU Wires
  • New Case Feet
  • Custom Order BP Barbs -> Temporarily on Hold

Final Pictures:



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