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Clubs seem to be popular on OCN so I'll start one for everyone using pfsense!

For those not familiar with what pfsense is all about, you can visit the pfsense website.

Essentially, pfsense is a tiny distribution of FreeBSD that works as a router + firewall, and provides other goodies.

Social Group on OCN: The pfsense Club

For club members, your first post should include:
  • Specs of the PC running pfsense
  • What you use it for mainly (gaming, home office, etc)
  • Number of PC's in your LAN
  • Any observations or other stuff you think is interesting

Anyway, here goes:

PC: Dell Dimension 2400, 2.4ghz celeron, 256MB DDR266, 12GB Quantam Bigfoot HDD (5.25", laugh it up, I know I know), integrated 10/100 NIC WAN adapter, Rosewill RC-400-LX gigabit NIC LAN adapter. The pfsense box and the cable modem are hooked up to an APC BackUPS Pro 650, which will last somewhere close to several hours on battery.

Its used mostly for gaming but I run several services on it such as FTP and Subversion for my own open-source projects. Right now there are only 3 PCs hooked up to it, but if I hosted any LAN parties in my apartment I have a feeling it would work wonders.

I went with pfsense because the software DuckieHo was using (Untangle) has ridiculously high hardware requirements which this Dell Dimension 2400 didn't meet. pfsense uses about 25% of my 256MB and I haven't seen it go above 10% CPU utilization even under load. Plus, its a 50MB ISO download (vs 600MB for Untangle).

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