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Originally Posted by mcnaryxc View Post
lol ok, i'll help you guys out with the clues. Once I say what they are, they'll probably come to make sense.

1st - Damaged/worn Street Signs
2nd - Slime
3rd - Workstation
4th - Bloody handprint
5th - Sign Eaten
6th - Van
7th - Pipe Bomb
8th - Chris Berman aka "Boomer"
9th - Smoker
10th - Night Elf Hunter

Notice the theme?
I got it....

Chris Berman dressed as a Night Elf Hunter, smoking a cigarette while making a pipe bomb in a van, right outside of Eaten. As he went to check his email on his workstation, he spilled his green water cooling additive everywhere, and when he went to clean it up, he hit one of his fans that was on, causing a nice cut and making a bloody hand print. He did not want to leave evidence so he drove the van into the hood, and parked near some old street signs.

On your mark!
Get set!

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