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Originally Posted by hangemhi View Post
I mean it will still work. Its just SLI has a better use for high res than lower. Overkill.
for the record, i'm hoping this overkill will mean i can max AA and AF in most games... if by some miracle it can pull Warhead at 1360x768 Enthusiast i'll be very very happy.

Originally Posted by Choggs396 View Post
I picked up another 8800GTX for SLI a while back, and does help out in more demanding games @ 1680x1050, especially if you're using lots of AA/AF. Even in games where I was already getting a pretty high average, it seems to have made some of them "smoother," possibly from an increased minimum frame rate.

Whether or not you "need" SLI to get decent framerates depends on what games you're playing, of course.
thanks for this. precisely the kind of thing i'm hoping to achieve... the games would be pretty much all the AAA titles of the past 2 years.

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