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Originally Posted by H3||scr3am View Post
oh, don't you dare give me that tongue boy, why I oughta

Yeah long story short: I spent the majority of the weekend trying to get the server updated and running, but ended up fubaring it instead... and now the host needs permission from Admin (owner of these forums and the gameservers) for me to have them reformat it so I can build it up again... but I find it most sad that they don't auto update the server for us

that being said, it should be up this week again
this might kill my ppd. lol. with the new scout update im just having a blast taking out these speedy demons. and also using them to my advantage. pyros used to be good at stopping ubers with compression, but now i see the scout borking your movement and then a pyro follow-through is an excellent combination to defeat the mighty demo+medic combos.

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