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Update 4

so i decided to get rid of the bottom T section from the res so that when you look in, you don't nee that annoying piece of metal.

its all cut now but its a bit of a problem with the res now as it doesn't have that previous support.. im thinknig maybe i'll use my spare one and leave it alone.

i needed to make a pump mount that would fit inside the case... the way i had it before.. took up way too much space and made routing tubing a real pain... soo... improvision time!

took a UN Z bracket and a UN ddc mount thing.

and took them apart! shortened the screws on the Z bracket and used the top section from the other mount. then i took a piece of aluminum which will be replaced by brass later... and bent it into an L. drilled two holes and voila! a nice new pump mount inside my case.

and a closer look at what i did.

since i'm going brass... i figured i'd make the rad brass too. i got some paint stripper to well, strip the paint.


and after. this is after some light sanding. i'm leaving some marks so it has a nice aged feel to it.

and the other side with brass barbs.

initially, i wasn't going to do anything to the front.. but its became a problem with the rad fiitting so i decided to just gut the whole thing.

the outline

and cut. hewever, there was a fitting problem with the rad wl fans on... soo...

a bit more cutting and its all good now.

here is a mock fitting of the front plate and rad grill. looks yummy!

you can tell that the rad grille is too long but thats not a problem. i was going to use iandh's rad grill at first but with some help from marcus, i got a brass one made. iandh's rad grill i had was already cut to size so i'm just going to line them up and cut off the excess from the brass grill.

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