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It's OK, being confused, we all are at some point; don't feel anything negative. Let me break this down via your comments and if you need anything else let me know, I'll keep trying to check back but if not PM me

Originally Posted by Berger View Post
I'm sort of confused.......when I run gpu z it shows the value I enter in Precision for shaders...but on precision-in the actual gauge showing the real time speed, it does in fact jump by 54......

So if I have 1535 in gpu z....... precision is showing a reading of 1512.......once I get high enough it hits 1566......so I guess this is exactly what you are talking about?
Yes exactly what I'm describing.

Originally Posted by Berger View Post
why does gpuz copy what I enter in? and not the actual value?
^kinda makes me want to uninstall the useless progie now
Well technically the card IS set to what you have it to regardless of the 54Mhz increment. The shaders however, regardless of what you place them at, will only run on the 54Mhz increment they are designed to run. So again lets say you have 1000 for the shader. If you make it 1026, it still will run on the 1000 shader strap. Now once you go beyond 50% to the next strap increment, ie: 1027-1054, it will default to the 1054 strap.

Originally Posted by Berger View Post
So I have to follow the 54mhz increments?

Why do they exist? doesn't that negate performance?
You don't have to set them to the 54Mhz strap but regardless, as stated above, they WILL run at these pre-defined straps. The shaders are designed this way.

Originally Posted by Berger View Post
and how come I can run stable with my shaders at 1535-1539 but once I hit 1540 it artifacts?
^makes me a non believer of shader straps.....but like always their is something I'm missing
This is just like any other overclocking. Your card must not be able to keep up and artifacts. Remember though in Folding you can't *really* use a tool to test the OC, per se, because if you unlink the shaders and bump them but don't bump core, it's unbalanced and you WILL see artifacts. Just because it artifacts in a benchmark or scanning artifact tool does NOT mean it's unstable in [email protected] Hope that made sense. Your NOT displaying graphics or using the core/memory in [email protected], only shaders so the rules don't really apply here.

Originally Posted by Berger View Post
also how does linked and nonlinked effect the straps?
For the card to function as a video card, that is work in games, etc; the core to strap ratio is typically 1:2. When you LINK the shaders and bump the core your shaders will also follow to the next available stable strap keeping the 1:2 ratio intact.

This is why if you UNLINK the shaders, and bump just them for folding, your card will most likely artifact or crash when you use it for anything OTHER than [email protected] Most of us have profiles in RivaTuner that will allow us to run a shader setting only for [email protected] but if I leave this strap setup and try to game I nearly instantly BSOD. I have to revert my straps BACK to the stock settings and/or another stable overclock using all THREE components to game with an overclocked card.

Again, just unlinking and bumping shaders to higher straps only affects [email protected] and if NOT kept within range of the core/memory while using the card for gaming or benchmarking it most likely will crash.

Sorry if this is confusing, it's hard to explain via 'type written words'

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