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Hmm, how to begin. Well, I got my DFI mobo, put it in, and it wouldn't boot to windows. So I reinstalled windows cause the computer tech that I talked to said I wouldn't lose anything. I didn't reformat or anything, yet I still lost everything. I thought to myself, "No problem, I'll just load everything back from my backup disk." Unfortuneately, I had borrowed it out to a friend and he wrecked it. So now I have nothing, and I just finished getting my comp back up and running with the drivers i spent all night DLing, and I've encountered a problem. Everything I go into, whether it be here or microsoft works, or Adobe or anything, my computer scrolls really slow. Trying to move down a page gives me a headache cause it almost looks like it keeps refreshing over and over again, a line moves down the screen and everything moves up.
Could someone help me fix this?

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