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Just something I'm sure has been here but since the changes to the searching of the site I can no longer go back more than 5 pages and I've lost tons of info because I failed to bookmark or subscribe. Here is a new attempt at fixing this as I just lost and recovered my Intel RAID0 Array without loss of data.

I have the Gigabyte UD3P and it has the Intel ICH10R chipset which has given myself, as others out there on the interwebz, some problems with an unsuspecting action such as a reboot, BIOS Flash or OC'ing crash and leaving 1 or more of your drives in the RAID Array now showing "Non-Member Disk".

Essentially this means it's lost it's RAID configuration and I just got through my 3rd time with this issue. The prior 2 times I wasn't able to find info and had to "bite the bullet" and re-established my array from scratch and installing everything again. Quite a PITA.

Again tonight, after a BIOS Flash and restart on my UD3P, I saw in the RAID BIOS again the "Non-Member Disk" flag and my array in "Failure" mode

Fear not. The steps listed below are NOT mine but I found them and followed them to a T and unbelieveably they worked like a charm! My RAID0 is back and no data loss. Unbelieveable!

I provided this as-is but the thread where this was sourced had many with the same success. I cannot vouch for anyone but myself and my success as well possible controllers it may or may not work with so BE SAFE and do your dilegence!

Source Thread

Originally Posted by The Source Thread Above
Thanks to everyone who tried to help. I found a solution and I thought I'd share it. I was able to recover the broken array using following steps.

1. Reset both HDs to non-member using Intel BIOS utility - the utility warns that all data will be lost - in fact only metadata is lost and can be recreated using steps below.

2. Create a new array with identical settings as the broken array. It is critical that the HDs are in the array the same order as before. I was reconnecting the drives several times and lost track of correct order. Because of that I had to go through the steps twice (I guessed wrong the first time).

3. Get TestDisk from http://www.cgsecurity.org. I used Windows version (I installed a new Vista on a separate HD for this purpose).

4. Run TestDisk according to steps on the web site. If your HDs are connected in correct order, TestDisk should find the lost partition(s) within a few seconds. It ran for several hours, scanning my array and never found anything because I had HDs were connected in wrong order. After I changed the order and restarted from step #1 TestDisk found the missing partition immediately.

5. Have the TestDisk write the fixed partition table to the drive and reboot.

6. Now all your data on the array should be readable but the system might not boot (it didn't for me).

7. Run Vista repair from installation CD to fix the MBR.

Originally Posted by Ictinike

On this part, a gent and myself went through this for Win 7 as well I've done Vista and we had to run the 3 bootrec commands to get his viable. I can't remember if I did this on Vista but it might be wise to run all three to fix the MBR in Vista as listed above. To do so:

in Command Prompt from the Recover console enter:

bootrec /fixmbr (should success)
bootrec /fixboot (should success)
bootrec /rebuildbcd (detects the Windows installation and asks you to add it to the BCD, hit YES)

8. Last but not least, send a donation to Mr. Grenier, the author of TestDisk.
Now I'm bookmarking as well subscribing to this thread so I never lose it and have to find this info again!



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