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[Official] ASUS Z10PE-D8 WS Owner's thread

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[Official] ASUS Z10PE-D8 WS Owner's Club

CREATOR: gd-jpeg v1.0 (using IJG JPEG v80), default quality

Since i build my PC around this motherboard, and seeing there no Owners threads untill now beeing made, i decided to make one, since there are a lot of important issues owners can discuss between each other, like making UEFI work, seeting m.2 drive as boot drive, overclocking, tweaking, etc.

Manufacturer Links:
Driver Download Page
Latest Bios at the time of writing this post is:
Bios Version 1001, Direct Download link here.

Online Reviews:
Tweak Town.

Block Diagram

Motherboard Layout courtesy of TweakTown:

If anything else should be added let me know.
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1)Ok, so as the first topic of discussion i start with the following.

So i got me an 512GB Samsung SM951 M.2 2280 PCIe 3.0 x4 the AHCI version, and install it, and wanted to set it up as windows 10 boot drive.
I set up in bios cd rom as first boot (where the windows cd is), and the SSD as the second one.
When i reach inside the windows installer the part where one can choose the install drive, it tells me it cannot install windows on it since the pc might not be able to boot from the drive.

Thats one of the reason i uploaded the block diagram, was thinking that maybe those pci express 3.0 4x lanes that the drive is using might be used by something else, but it doesnt seem so.
I also got all the 8 Sata ports occupied, 2 with HDD, 2 with optical drives, and the rest with racks that are empty.

I need to check the manual to see if i find something that can make this work, and i will play with settings in bios, hopefully i can crack it.

2)Second topic of discussions is regarding UEFI bootup.
According to User Venturi, he has managed here to setup Uefi, with the following settings:
Links is here in his original Post:

I figured i could do the same thing. I installed the Samsung SSD onto the m.2 slot, and the Fury X in the 5th PCI slot, got in bios, enabled UEFI, according to picture. disconnected everything except optical drive, mouse, and keyboard, and tried to boot to see if i can install windows 10 from on original disk.
I got no image on my Samsung U32E850R Monitor, to fix it i ended up needing to reset the bios.

I had some trouble here also, at first i tried with the jumper method, the pc got itself after startup in a loop which goes through posting, and reseting, then tried to remove the battery, with the same result.
To make it work, i had to replace the Fury X with the previously owned 750ti, which was no easy feat, as i had to leave the Fury X in the case suspended, while the 750ti was plugged in the motherboard socket.

Finally it worked.

I reset the bios, and left everything on Legacy mode, and tried to install Windows 10 like that, at which point i got into the Problem described at number 1.
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According to the MANUAL:
"This motherboard features the m.2 Slot which shares bandwidth with the SATA6Gb/S port and PCI-E Gen3 x4 and is dedicated only to the operating System"

This doesnt make sense at all, unless the M.2 slot can use drives wired to the SATA protocol, because i thought it was only PCI Express wired.
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Ok, so after some more digging up, here is what ive tried so far.

While installing windows 8.1 i remember, that it got me some sort of similar error, that i bypassed by taking out the hdd. Tried that here, but it didnt work.

ROG community member, Chino, has put together a Windows install guide for M.2 SSD owners on his Rampage V Extreme. It details on how to set things up, and after reading it i noticed this:

Should I install Windows in UEFI mode or legacy mode?
For Plextor M6e owners, you can go with either install. Nevertheless a UEFI installation would be ideal since you get faster boot up times, better integration with hardware and a few extra features.

For Samsung XP941 owners, you're stucked with UEFI. Since the UEFI driver is embedded into the firmware itself, you will have no problems installing in this mode. The problem arises when you want to do a legacy installation because it requires a driver to be loaded during the installation process. With the XP941 being an OEM product, there are no drivers available to install in legacy mode.

Perhaps thats why it doesnt work, because i try to install in Legacy mode.
It seems then the problems are tied together. Either i find a way to enable UEFI and try it so, or i cant install Windows 10 on the SSD as a boot drive.

1 Hour Later:
I retried setting UEFI, but to no avail, i had to reset bios once more.
So here is how i will do it, i will do a clean install on the Crucial M-SATA SSD thats in the PCI Express Adapter, and after i am done, im going to do a disk cloning using acronis, basically copying the whole Crucial SSD onto the Samsung SSD with partition info and all. So what that brings.

If it works, it still isnt good, because one shouldnt have to resort to such trickery to use the M.2 SSD as a bootable drive. Ill then need to keep a copy of the cloned disk for later restauration in case it will be needed.

Maaan, i really got pissed aff today, thousands upon thousands of euros spent on stuff, and at the end it doesnt work !
I should have gotten me a laptop, i wouldnt have had to spend so much time setting the desktop up, and i would have been surely paragon at least 900 in diablo 3 (currently 608) until now. The time, money, effort, i had to spend to come up to this point, only to find out it doesnt want to work as advertised.

A second option would be to change motherboard, but dual Xeon v3 boards are not that many to choose from !
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Well, i cloned The Crucial SSD with OS on it onto the Samsung M.2 SSD, and then tried to boot from it, and it doesnt work.

So ASUS Z10PE-D8 WS cant boot from the M.2 SSD. The thing is i believe asus states that it can be made bootable, allthough no clear info is given. I shall need to ask on asus forum.
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maybe this might help u

according to z10pe-d16 WS
m.2 share bandwidth with SSATA 4 port

given that it seems to imply you need an m.2 w SATA interface
like the one recommended by ASUS
this uses a SATA interface (I have this one w my Z97)

I learned the hard way with my AsRock Z97 board, I have two m.2 slots ... one kills the SATA Express Slot and the other kills PCIE Slot
I use http://www.amazon.com/Transcend-MTS400-Solid-State-TS256GMTS400/dp/B00KLTPUG4
I stuck my m.2 into the m.2 pcie and it didn't work so I stuck it into the other and it worked.
At the time I didn't know the difference but over time I learned.

your m.2 choice is m.2 PCI-Express 3.0 Interface
not a m.2 SATA Interface

z10pe-d16 WS does not mention a PCIE Slot so it kills the SSATA 4 port

according to z10pe-d16 4L
they use a specific m.2 size and they max out at 128GB

it funny to note that z10pe-d16 WS takes the 2260/2280 size
but their recommended M.2 only goes as high as 128GB

my intention in the future was to go with m.2 samsung 850 EVO 500GB or 250gb

your diagram seems to hint
* SSATA 3 Port so it looks like you have to test which port is killed
* your Samsung M.2 SM951 looks like it would be inserted into a PCIE3 slot card to take advantage of x16 speed

I hope this helps or perhaps you figured this out in a weeks time

If you're looking to boot off the adapter than mb m.2 then I hope you have set the boot option to UEFI M.2 Adapter (GPT Formatted) or BIOS M.2 Adapter (MBR Formatted)
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My system's specs are:
Dual Xeon E5 2690 V3
64GB RAM (8x8) Kingston 2133MHz ECC REG
Titan X
Corsair AX1200i

My problem:

I own this system for almost half a year, from day one I had many issues around performance.
My GFX card produced stuttering.
My CPUs when I used them on simulation applications such as Realflow, PhoenixFD had bad performance when used all threads (48)
I had to reduced to 12 to give better results.

The 1st issue disappeared after I upgraded to Windows 10

But the other issue persists.
Also if I use wPrime I have worst results in compare even with Xeons 2680 v2.
Also in AIDA64 in some CPU benchmarks my scores are lower in compare with a 2670 v3

Something is wrong when the system uses many threads.

Is there any setting in BIOS that could cause such issues?

Or what could cause such issues?

Any help or ideas would be greatly appreciated

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Realflow has its own sw design issues
perhaps it hates hyperthreading and has a limit to how many cores it uses


Did u inquire with your video card mfr, Asus Support n forum, Intel Cpu Support, Kingston Support?
Cards n Chips are mfr to +/- tolerances besides defects
so Imagine having parts on the - tolerances that would produces inefficiency
some customers get their parts changed out for various reasons but tests needs to be done prior to the RMA

Some Video cards can be incompatible with motherboards

Did u originally run benchmarks, gpu Test, memory testing burning to see if it runs fine under standard defaults and minor Base OC??

When you first built the system, did you update all drivers and BIOS to the latest version?
Of course BIOS updates are to be done carefully; only update if it addresses your problems
Sometimes when Updating BIOS you need to double check all settings are correct.

Some BIOS set the memory at a lower speed so you might need to set it at the 2133 speed.
Did you double check the CPU BIOS settings?

Updating to W10 just gave you an update GTX Driver

On one of the youtube videos others said to keep your video cards on the CPU1 slots so that communication between GPUs is more efficient
try out both on CPU1(one 16x one 8x) CPU1 slots or two on 16x CPU1 Slots

If you look at the block diagram CPU1 is really the computer itself and CPU2 is really used to run in memory programming
so perhaps that describes Realflow preference to CPU1

My other system was built according to mb mfr suggested parts.
It runs a bit slower than other Benchmarked builds I'm glad to not run into defects
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You should allow owners who have a D16-WS, instead of the D8-WS to join aswell, also in the first post you have X99-WS Owners Club, not Z10PE-D8/D16 Owners Club.. biggrin.gif
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I think there are more similarities than there are differences. Its just that Asus produces less info than their enthusiast boards.
You can tell it took reasoning from knowing the 16 to help with understanding the 8.
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