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Asus Z10PE D16 WS Owners Thread

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Does it see the memory in slot E2? It may be a bad slot, a bad channel or you may just need to reseat your cpu.

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Hey guys, anyone has any issues with BIOS? Long story short as there is no long story .. I have used to use Corsair K95 Platinum RGB keyboard and one day it just broke ( half keys won't respond but rgb's lighting up ) but also half of my BIOS won't respond to my needs ... does not matter what keyboard I'm using - like main enter key will do nothing I have to use extra enter key with num pad section ... ESC key won't respond and every time I need to exit option I have to restart pc ( i think every option )... I`m thinking to reset bios ( have not done yet as I'm dual-booting Linux with encryption and windows so for that I have to prep my nvme`s blah blah blah ) so I'm curious - maybe is there other options to test things ? what error code I should look for?
P.S. after buying this MB I have never ever upgraded, updated or whatever was available to do with bios and firmware... simply because I have no idea how to do it and never bothered to check it ( i think I will do it at some point )

P.P.S. I can not boot Linux but when I installed my windows I removed Linux Asus raid card.

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Hey, I just bought Z10PE-D16 WS with 2x E5-2650L v3 and 2x M393A4K40CB2-CTD and have some problems with booting. The motherboard only boots right after the CMOS is reset. When it does boot, it works fine.
When I turned it on first time, the board detected cpu and ram, then I reset and it doesn't boot. It shows code 19 and reset with a loop. I clear the CMOS, it boots into the BIOS again! I set some settings and rebooted. Then error 19 again.
Any idea?

P.S. I updated bios to Version 4101 2019/08/30, but it didn't help, tried to reseat CPU, with 1cpu and memory in A1 or B1 slots. Always the same result, boots only once after I clear CMOS.

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I saw there was a new firmware for the BMC up on the ASUS support site, so I downloaded it and tried to do a firmware upgrade over the ASMB8-iKVM web interface (which I have been using for a long time). I went to the firmware upgrade screen and clicked on the upgrade button, expecting to be asked to upload the firmware image, but instead I got a screen saying that the upgrade was in progress... with what image I don't know.

I waited a while and nothing happened, so I tried to log into the iKVM interface again, but got nothing. Tried also using SuperMicro's IPMIView (which I also have used many times), it said the device was offline and could not connect.

Tried a full power down of the workstation, unplugged it from power, waited a minute, plugged it back in, waited a while, still could not get into the iKVM. I then booted into Ubuntu 18.04 and used ipmitool to figure out what could be going on (this is now on the workstation itself, not remotely). I could access the IPMI fine and the selftest returned PASSED. The IP settings had not changed. I tried a BMC cold reset, it appeared to execute normally, I waited a bit, still could not connect remotely by iKVM (web or IPMIView).

I then booted up a FreeDOS bootable USB and used the ASUS-provided Yaflash.exe (in the firmware update zip) to see what could be going on. Again I could reach the IPMI fine and it read its version number, which showed 1.14. Presuming this meant 1.14.51 which is what I had installed a few months ago and was working mostly OK.

I then noticed that the new firmware I had just downloaded said "ASMB9" in its filename, as opposed to ASMB8, which is what this board actually has... is this a typo? Why would they post ASMB9 firmware on the Z10PE-D16 WS's download page? Ignoring this for the time being...

I found the already installed 1.14.51 firmware image and used Yaflash.exe to reflash it. The flash took about 15 minutes and completed normally. I then did a full power down and unplug again, then started it back up, waited, and tried to connect again... still not reachable remotely over iKVM. Tried to access it again locally and it was still reachable, passed the self-test, IP settings had not changed (correctly, as I requested to preserve the configuration), but still no iKVM remote access.

What can I do at this point? Do I attempt to flash the new firmware that says ASMB9 on it?! Could that well and truly brick it?

Please save me the "don't upgrade if it works"... I know. I made a mistake. But here we are, and I am looking for some way to fix this without having to disassemble this entire workstation and RMA the motherboard. Has anyone else seen this behavior where the web interface upgrade functionality bricks your BMC before you even load up the firmware image?
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Quote: Originally Posted by msymeonides View Post
I saw there was a new firmware for the BMC up on the ASUS support site, so I downloaded it and tried to do a firmware upgrade over the ASMB8-iKVM web interface (which I have been using for a long time). I went to the firmware upgrade screen and clicked on the upgrade button, expecting to be asked to upload the firmware image, but instead I got a screen saying that the upgrade was in progress... with what image I don't know.


Well, I contacted ASUS support and they actually resolved it for me. Here is the procedure that fixed the issue and restored access to the iKVM:

Please follow procedure to flash the BMC properly:
  1. Must make a bootable FreeDOS USB flash drive using Rufus or other bootable software (Rufus) ;
    1. Insert USB device (make sure it is blank or data can be destroyed, back up all data from Flash before continue)
    2. Rufus -> Boot selection -> FreeDOS
    3. Click on START to create bootable disk
  2. Download, unzip and copy ASMB9-iKVM Firmware files with to bootable flash drive,
  3. Boot to USB
  4. To flash firmware, please type the following commands
  5. C:>Flash2
Also, please makes sure the BMC IP address is static and unique (not the same as the ip address of the computer).

So basically I should have run flash2.bat instead of Yaflash, it runs Yaflash with the appropriate options.

Still unclear why the firmware is labeled ASMB9, it still shows ASMB8 when I log into the iKVM and obviously that is the chipset that is installed. Also still don't know what happened that started all this, but really glad it is resolved and SUPER thankful to ASUS support.
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b7 error with 2nd mem in E1

Hello owners of this magnificent motherboard

I recently got a a b7 error when I boot and have one Kingston kvr21r15d4/32 attached to E1 (CPU2). The computer boots no further.

If I remove the memory in question the computer boots fine.

I do belive the memory gets hotter compared to the other memory mounted in A1 (CPU1).

At the moment I can not put it in the A1 (CPU1) slot and test it (due to space issues with the cooling hardware).

I have noticed a monitor flicker during power on a few times the last few days. After about 30s to 1 min the screen stabilizes. I've tried multiple gfx-cards and it they seem to be all fine. Probably screen related.
Bios 4101. Windows 10 Pro.

I see both CPU's in CPU-Z and with the Activity manager it lists 20 cores and 40 threads.

I guess this indicate a memory error?

Is it "safe" to disassemble and see if I can mount it in A1 (CPU1)? Or should I find another machine and try it on that one so that I wont risk frying anything in this workstation?

Is there any way to escape bios from halting while having the faulty memory mounted with the purpose to access memtest?

Thanks in advance.

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Hi Guys,

Got his board a week ago, bent socket pins, fixed it up works perfectly, got a 2697v4 in CPU1 with 2x 16GB ECC 2666MHz C19

I've been playing with the settings in the BIOS and I've really confused myself and can't work out what I've done or where the performance has gone.

CPU-z Version 1.78.3x64

100MHz x23 All Core --- Stock CB R15: 1948, CB R20: 4,544, CPU-Z: 20697
106MHz x23 All Core --- OC L3 CB R15: 2126, CB R20: 4,964, CPU-Z: 22200(approx)
106MHz x27 All Core --- OC ?? CB R15: 2364, CB R20: N/A, CPU-z: 25000(approx)

I can't work out what the settings I used for the last set of results which were far faster than anything that had gone before it.

I've tried TDP Level 2, enabling and disabling OS control of Turbo, turning turbo on and off.

Any ideas what magic I turned on to get a Broadwell-E to All core at 2.7GHz+?
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