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Z370 / Z390 VRM Discussion Thread

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Asus X11A @ Asus Page:


Sadly no X-Shape
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If only your BIOS team was as on point as your hardware and marketing teams...
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16phases squaddddd.
I love this in atx side.
I hate those stupid eatx with 90degrees rotated 24pin header. It's just can't fit on so many cases that is able to fit a eatx size of mobo.
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hi i have some news for the z390 aorus ultra. got it cheap for 200€/~225$.

first the good stuff, the vrm section has great thermal properties.
i7 8700k @ 5ghz 1.4V(yeah , lucky me...) prime 29.4 and the vrms get barely warm.
i first thought the vrm sensor was broken, but manual measurements came to this:

1h prime 95 small fft vrm sensor 47°C and a sensor on the back with 35°C(@19°C ambient)
with prime 26.6 it is even colder, like 38°C vrm sensor.

so great work @GigaByte , i came from a prime z370 a which just shut off because vrm overheating.

now the bad stuff,( all [email protected])

the llc is a joke versus the old asus prime a, the prime a could rock non avx load 5ghz @ 1.325V with llc level 6(so like 1.33 idle and 1.325 under load)
but the prime is a trash board so i was quite impressed.
the aorus ultra was unstable with this settings, and even 1.4V isn´t 100% stable, so i fired up hwinfo, and holy..
@1.325V with llc extreme(!) it fluctuates from 1.296-1.368V
@1.4V the range is 1.375-1.464V
i think it´s nuts, like, ***? and i am not talking about vid of cause.

i don´t know if gb has a different sensor readout setup, but for me this explains the really bad voltage scaling.

another thing: on german/english and both chinese bios languages are no settings for vrm switching frequency or duty mode(like, how much are on and are some disabled for better efficency, sometimes you want to disable such things).
i think they are important, because the asus prime a could run much better in full phase mode, like 200mhz better.

with that knowledge you cannot recommend this board to anyone, exept someone who just wants a cool board for his ultra silent watercooling setup, as the board cools itself so damn good.
but anything oc related it is just carried by it´s vrm section to a certain degree and then the bios just says: nope!

great thanks to all in this thread it is a great read, thx(or not? ) to GBT-MatthewH and buildzoid for convincing me to buy the gb board, technically it is real top.

special thanks to alphaC, i like graphs and equations

@GBT-MatthewH : i dont care if i take 5minutes to find something just because i am used to asus, but, i care about missing features and even more do i care about stuff not working(llc? ***?).
do you know of a fix coming anytime soon?
it would be good to put an audio driver up with an actual GUI too, i mean i have a asus xonar d2x so i´m fine, but still no quality support feeling to have to install the driver+gui from an z370board just because there is everything available.
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Quote: Originally Posted by porksmuggler View Post
At that price point, its the Aorus Pro, the Prime A and Strix boards are not competitive, the Maximus boards are inline with the Aorus, and are priced much higher, as expected for Asus. I'm not saying you need an Aorus or Maximus for the 9700K, but if you're spending $200, the Aorus Pro / Wifi are the picks.
Thanks random stranger whose advice I will take without questioning
But thanks, it seems like it really is the best bang-for back at the price point after going through this. I had originally dismissed Gigabyte because of bad previous experience with a motherboard, but that was a while ago. I love the 10 USB ports, not I can have my mouse, kb and HOTAS setup plugged in, along with my PS3 Eye Cam, Oculus sensors, external drive.

Quote: Originally Posted by porksmuggler View Post
For the Gigabyte BIOS' its the UI/UX, apparently an issue with mostly younger reviewers, as far as I can tell. Pre-UEFI, they were all about the same. When Asus "restructured" in '07-'08 a lot of the talented bios engineers went with Asrock, so Asus and Asrock have more similar and prettier UEFI bios'. The only functional knitpicking I could do with Gigabyte is the LLC settings could be more granular.

Forget the AI overclocking gimmick, you can do better with manual OC. There's an OC guide Gigabyte has put out if you need refreshers on newer settings like AVX offsets.
That's okay with me, last time I fiddled in the BIOS it was pre UEFI days anyway (well, other than assigning boot drives).
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Sorry for second post, I couldn't get multi-quote to work (Edge browser at work)
Quote: Originally Posted by AlphaC View Post
@ Carnajo :

Your MSI 120mm air cooler with would hold you back more than the board. Aorus Pro is around the same level as a Maximus XI Hero in power delivery if not better.

STRIX Z390-E/Z390-F have larger VRM heatsinks than the Z390-A.
Thanks. Should have been more specific, the 120mm air cooler is just a temporary stop-gap, I intend to go AIO watercooling, at least 240mm but most likely 280mm or 360mm. Case is Lian Li P-o11 Dynamic so will have top mount radiator as intake and 2 or 3 120mm at the bottom as intake, then 3 side fans as exhaust. I hope and assume that the radiator as intake will provide adeuqate cooling for the VRMs, I know technically it will be slightly warmer air having come through the radiator but I believe this is only a few degrees warmer.
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Gigabyte Z390 M Gaming

Same VRM as Z390 UD & Gaming X:

8+4 pin EPS connector
PWM ISL69138 (5+2)
VCC: 4C10N+4C06N, 10 phases, doubler 5xISL6617A
VCCGT: 4C10+4C06 (smaller package), 2 phases
push pin heatsink
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From what I see, ROG Maximus 370 and 390 boards don't differ much. A Formula Z370 should pretty much be as good as Formula Z390 for the 9900K overclocked. Are there any changes not visible to a skimming eye?

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Is there any chance on m11a the 16 phases are still in parallel design for better respond time.
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"STRIX Z370-E / Z370-F ... Reportedly they have a 200W power limit in BIOS."
This is true?
Do you have any new information?
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K6 Motherboard , Msi , voltage regulator , z370 vrm , z390 , z390 vrm

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