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Official MSI MEG z390 ACE motherboard thread

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Quote: Originally Posted by Cave_Johnson View Post
Problem solved it was the PSU, Thanks for all the suggestions and support.
Also im sorry if this partially hijacked the thread but i couldn't think of a better community to come to for an issue like this. Especially if it was the Board its self.
Once i get a chance to RMA the RM850x ill shoot for another OC and post it here, this time with a few screen caps of the temps and results.

You know what, i had a Corsair RM650i, i put in an ASUS graphics card which needed 8-pin PCIe power, and even though it all drew nowhere near the capabilities of the PSU, i suddenly had the PC turn off a few times. I now have a Seasonic Ultra PRIME Platinum and i will avoid Corsair PSUs. I'm not 100% sure it was the PSU, cause i initially ended up throwing out the graphics card instead, but it was a bit too suspicious.

Quote: Originally Posted by FrankBRC View Post
I recently bought the msi z390 meg ace motherboard and the 9900k processor. I am having problems BSDO whea uncorrectable error related to genuineintel and others with hal.dll. The PC is not in OC.

Install the new BIOS 7B12v14.

Make sure to install the current Killer drivers from here (2.0.1170 at this time), they're newer than those on the MSI site:

Then first of all, run the Win10 memory diagnostic. Should take maybe 20 minutes or so and weeds out basic RAM errors.

Then get Linpack Xtreme:

It's by far the best tool to detect instability, reacts even quicker than Prime95 and MUCH quicker than OCCT.

Get CoreTemp:

Open CoreTemp and note the idle temps.

Run Linpack, select 2 (Stress test), 5 (10 GB), set 30 times, press Y to use all threads, and let it do its thing.

Check Core Temp, note the leftmost "Power" number and note the max temps. The Power number should stay well above 100 W, since in the 1.4 BIOS, the Long Duration Power Limit is set to 4096 Watts. If you want your CPU to stay within Intel spec and you don't want to OC, go to CPU Features in the BIOS (way at the bottom of OC) and enter 95, like so:

You will then see the power draw go down to the 95W TDP after about half a minute, like so:

Also clearly visible from the fan RPMs, which are depending on the CPU temperature, which depends on power draw.

You can also try around with "CPU Lite Load". Default is 11, to be able to run the worst silicone (highest VCore required in testing) without stability issues. But most CPUs have better silicone quality and you can go lower, decreasing power draw. Instability can easily be tested in Linpack Xtreme. For me it was unstable at CPU Lite Load 3, so i went two higher for headroom, using 5 now, rock stable and over 10W less power draw. You can also set the rest of the settings like on that image.

Under OC, disable Enhanced Turbo for now, see here,

I took the photos with BIOS 1.2 a while back, but it's all true for 1.4 too.

If all that is stable in Linpack, we'll see what we do next.

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Quote: Originally Posted by Cave_Johnson View Post
You can push your chip reliably to the turbo frequency on all cores for a simple and what i believe to be a mild OC. That's usually what i do with all of my K series chips. You have the same cooler as i do (H115i). My 8700k runs at the same temps stock as yours and will run about 3-4 c higher with a mild OC at idle. Under load can vary from chip to chip and mobo to mobo but not by much unless you got a bad draw at the silicon lottery.

Personally, i dont believe you would ruin anything by at least trying to squeeze some more performance out of a K series chip. That's what they were built for, Plus the ACE has some of the best cpu power phases around for this generation so far, so clean reliable power this board does well.
hey man, I upgraded to a Kraken 62, and my temps now are 22 - 25 degrees Idle (that's at 47 - 48 core), and 30 to 32 idle overclocked at 5.2. I'm blown away by the kraken especially in performance mode. Don't like the spying of the CAM software into my rig though, not cool (the alternative is to sign in as guest every time which takes longer so you capitulate to the spying.

Edit: also VERY happy with my MSI board as well after YEARS of going ASUS. Asus just has heat issues I think from having owned 3 different boards, maybe not the most high-end ones (except the last one which was the Maximus Hero IX).
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New BIOS 7B12v15:

- Update RST driver to 17.2
- Update Microcode to support upcoming cpu.

(They are talking about the new R0 stepping CPUs, see )
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I updated to the 7B12v15 BIOS now. The VCore voltages for different load states (normal full load / AVX full load) in CPU-Z are seemingly higher than before, but i've checked the power draw, it's exactly as before. So it makes no difference to power draw or temperatures compared to an older BIOS.
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I'm about to pull the trigger and get the Godlike tomorrow. I've noticed a handful of known tech YouTubers have used the MSI Godlike motherboard for high end and "over the top" builds. So that gives me a little more confidence in buying it.
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realtech sound doesn't work

if your using nvidea drivers on hdmi, remove the driver for sound at install in the device manager. then realtech suround sound on the board will work. took forever to find this problem as i had the same. z390 motherboard
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Hello. I'm swapping to the msi meg ace z390, from the aorus master z390, because i had serious problem with linx residual stability.
Is this a good motherboard for RAM? Because the aorus is very bad on ram side, but, very good on VRM side.

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I swapped the very same boards as you did. Running sisoftware @ 5.0GHz 9900k on Aorus master I rated global rank 102 after changing the boards I @5.0GHz 9900k global rank 46th

every components same just diff boards MSI Z390 Ace is a great board giving me a great boost on all my benchmarks a lot I use other than sisoftware Sandra 2016

I am very happy with MSI Ace z390

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Hello Z390 ACE Owners I have a question

Will I be able to run a Sound card the AE-9 by Creative labs and the Elgato HD60Pro PCI 1x card on this board without problems?

Also how is the onboard audio if I don't get the AE-9? My speaker setup I will be using is the Audio Engine A2+ speakers and there S8 Subwoofer. It will be used for gaming only. While the onboard audio be enough?
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Seen a few complaints about the Lan. Has the issues been resolved with updates?

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