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Keycap Layouts


Keycap sets come in a variety of layouts, it's important to know what keycap layout your board has so you can buy the appropriate set of keycaps.


There are two main ways in which a keyboard layout can vary which will affect which keycap sets you can use, these are the location specific layout and the manufacturer/ date layout.

Location Specific Layouts (Click to show)

This covers differences in the layout of boards such as the size of the enter and shift keys. The two most well-known location specific layouts are ANSI and ISO.



  • Popular in the US and some areas in Europe
  • Larger Left Shift than ISO
  • Smaller Enter than ISO



  • Popular in most European countries
  • Small Left Shift
  • Large Enter key


Aswell as these two, there are country specific layouts which may take elements from ANSI and ISO e.g. the Japanese keyboard layout which has the large Enter key of ISO and the large Left Shift from ANSI.


There are also language variants for the layouts, will keep the same key layout, but use different characters. Some examples are QWERTZ and AZERTY which are used in Germany and France respectively (among other places).


This covers differences in layouts due to manufacturers adapting the more traditional layouts.


First note that in terms of keycap sizes, we use the alphanumeric keys as a reference point and say they have a size of 1x.


The most popular layout currently is where all of the modifier keys on the bottom row have the same size of 1.25x and the spacebar is 6.25x. If you are planning on replacing your keycaps, it's a good idea to buy a board with this bottom row layout, you will find it much easier to find aftermarket keycap sets in this layout.



Where To Buy Keycaps


The following are places to buy either single novelty keycaps or keycap sets:


Ducky also offer ABS and PBT sets from various stores globally.

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